9 Feng Shui Tips for Selling a House

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    Sell Your House Faster With Feng Shui

    feng shui dining room
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    Knowing how to sell your house with feng shui will save you time, money, and help avoid useless effort. The ancient art of feng shui has many "how to" tips that can help sell your house the easy way.

    So, if you plan to sell your house, or have been trying to sell your house for a while now, read up on tips to get the energy moving.

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    Attract Strong Energy to Your House

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    Attracting strong and harmonious feng shui energy (called chi) into your home is very important, especially so when you are trying to sell your house.

    A strong, vibrant flow of Chi in your home will keep nourishing your personal energy, thus allowing you to relax and achieve your goals with less effort.

    Your potential buyers might not know about feng shui, but they will surely be attracted to a house that has the ability to attract strong and prosperous energy.

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    Feng Shui Tips for Selling a House in Cul de Sac

    cul de sac feng shui houses
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    If your house is located on a cul de sac, you might have to do some additional work to speed up the house sale. Not all cul de sac houses are bad feng shui - some have better energy than others as defined by their exact location, as well as many other details.

    There are things you can do to help improve the energy of a cul de sac house and speed up the house sale.

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    A Strong Front Door to Attact Buyers

    strong feng shui front door
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    A strong front door is very important for the overall energy of the house and its strength and ability to maintain good energy.

    A strong front door is also very important when you are trying to sell the house since it is one of the key features to attract many buyers (considering the rest of the house has good feng shui, too).

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    Create a Good Feng Shui Main Entry

    Country House entryway
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    We all know that first impressions count, so even if you have buyers that might not pay much attention to the outside energy of the house, they will surely feel it as soon as they step in.

    Do your best to create ​good feng shui in your main entry to capture the hearts (and wallet!) of potential buyers.

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    T-Junction House Feng Shui Tips

    t junction house
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    A T-junction house is considered bad feng shui because it usually has very strong, attacking energy (called Sha Chi) pointing at it.

    If you are trying to sell a T-junction house, research feng shui tips to improve and strengthen its energy in order to attract more buyers.

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    A House Near the Railroad

    Railway and Japanese residential area
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    A house near the railroad is definitely bad feng shui. However, as with everything else, the truth is in details, so it all depends on the distance from the railroad, the design of the house, the strength of its garden, its front door, etc.

    If you are selling a house near the railroad, there are things you can do that will help.

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    A House With a Sloped Backyard

    path through alpine garden and sloped lawn
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    A house with a sloped backyard is considered a challenging feng shui house because a sloped backyard leaves the house with no supporting energy.

    It is very important to take care of this bad feng shui feature when you are selling your home (as well as when you live there, of course).

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    A Big Tree in Front of the House

    feng shui tree house
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    Generally, a big tree too close to the house is considered challenging feng shui. This is not only a feng shui concern but also an expression of common sense.

    In giving enough breathing room to both your house, as well as the tree, you are promoting good feng shui energy and a safe home environment.