What is A Feng Shui House Sitting Direction?

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Question: I am confused with the feng shui house facing and feng shui house sitting directions. What is a feng shui house sitting direction and how do I define it for my house?

Answer: Good question, and one that is really easy to answer. Even though the notion of the feng shui house sitting direction and the feng shui house facing direction comes from quite a complex traditional feng shui school, understanding these two notions is easy.

A feng shui house sitting direction is the feng shui direction of the back of your house. It is the exact opposite direction of the feng shui house facing direction

If you are familiar with the Bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your house, you know that there are eight feng shui directions that a house can face.

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To find out the feng shui sitting direction, you need to take the compass reading of the back door of your house. If your back door is to the side of the house, then you can take the reading of the feng shui direction by standing parallel to the back wall of your house.

As with the feng shui compass reading of the front door, it is best to take several readings of your house sitting direction. Why would you take several readings? Well, there are usually many possible interferences, from various metal fixtures in your proximity to high EMFs.

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The most common feng shui way is to take the compass reading of your front door, which will help define your house facing direction, and from there define the Bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your house.

It is good to know that the feng shui house sitting direction is actually rarely used, as it does not give more additional info to work with than the house facing direction.

What is more important than knowing the house sitting direction is checking that your house has strong backing, meaning its "seat" is strong, sturdy and comfortable.

So you can reverse your focus from "What is the sitting direction of my house?" to "How is the sitting energy of my house?"

Having good, strong and stable/protective energy in the back of your house is very important, no matter which direction the house faces.

Fun Fact

A house that has a strong backing creates a solid, nurturing energy for all people who live in the home.

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By the same token, a house with weak or even missing backing—as in the case of a house with a sloped backyard, for example—will not be able to provide any energetic support or nourishment to its residents.

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