The 10 Best Feng Shui Instagram Accounts

White minimalist bedroom

jaymebarrettlifestyle / Instagram 

The ancient art of feng shui has been circulating for quite some time. Whether you're trying to bring more positive energy into your home, opening yourself up for opportunities, or wanting to bring prosperity and productivity into your life, feng shui has become a popular path to embrace!

With so much information circling around, however, it can be hard to know where to start. Below we've rounded up 10 of the best Instagram accounts dedicated to feng shui. Whether you're simply looking for inspiration or facts about how to incorporate it into your life, you'll want to follow these accounts!

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    thetaoofdana / Instagram 

    If you're looking for inspiration and motivation to embrace your best possible self, then @thetaoofdana is a must-follow! Dana is a modern feng shui master, and her account is full of positive quotes that uplift the spirit. Her captions remind you to create positive energy and an atmosphere for yourself that lets you feel at ease.

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    Black and white room

    anjiecho / Instagram

    Anjie is the co-founder of the Mindful Design School, an architect, and an author, so it's easy to see why her Instagram would be full of expertise. The travel destinations, tips, and beautifully designed rooms on her feed will inspire you to whip your own home into a feng shui-positive space.

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    Clean, white kitchen

    lohanpatricia / Instagram 

    @lohanpatricia truly shows what it looks like to live your daily life with feng shui involved! Her account gives a glimpse into her personal life as well as practical feng shui tips to use in your home; you'll want to add her smiling face to your feed!

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    A white minimalist bed

    homeheartfengshui / Instagram 

    One look at @homeheartfengshui's feed will make you stop in your tracks. The gorgeous photos draw you in, but the feng shui advice makes you want to stick around. Feng shui can feel overwhelming if you're new, but Jemma does a great job at explaining different aspects and the reasoning behind them.

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    Plant by a door and display case

    simplifiy.with.saramaria / Instagram 

    Scrolling through the photos of this account with give you a peaceful vibe, as she encourages you to incorporate simplicity into your home through various feng shui techniques. If you're drawn to the minimalist aspects of feng shui in particular, you'll certainly want to follow her.

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    A maximalist style house

    amandagibbypeters / Instagram

    We love the way Amanda pays attention to detail. As an author and dedicated expert, you can count on her to give much-needed advice on how to bring the right energy into your home. Her page is colorful and playful, a perfect addition to any feng shui fanatic's feed.

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    Blue room with bathtub

    priyasher / Instagram

    When it comes to balancing and promoting positive energy in your home, Priya provides great inspiration! With her well informed feng shui facts and the stunning images she posts to accompany them, you'll be glad you came across her page!

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    Woman sitting at minimalist desk

    phoenixandrose / Instagram 

    Nitu of @phoenixandrose is a consultant based in NYC, and her account is filled with fantastic feng shui content. From gorgeous interior photos that inspire you to change your space to pointers on how to make feng shui a larger part of your life, you won't regret giving her a follow.

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    A clean, white room

    jaymebarrettlifestyle / Instagram

    Jayme has a passion for travel, florals, and feng shui; It's no wonder we're a fan of her Instagram! She's a bestselling author and lifestyle expert, and her feed is chock-full of colorful photos that will motivate you to really embrace the beauty of feng shui!

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    Plants with an "and breathe" sign

    fengshuicollective / Instagram 

    This mother/daughter duo has a combined experience of 30 years practicing feng shui, and one look at their Instagram backs it up! They do an incredible job of incorporating the different aspects of feng shui, and have a ton of great information you'll want to get your hands on.

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    White vintage room

    bridget_saraka / Instagram

    We can't stop staring at Bridget's feed and for good reason. Her photos seem to transport you back in time and we adore how she incorporates feng shui using vintage thrift store finds (along with DIY projects).