How To Feng Shui A Living Room in Two Bagua Areas

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Using feng shui to decorate a living room that falls in two different bagua areas is easier than it sounds. Having a living room -  or any room in your home, for that matter! -  in two feng shui bagua areas is a very common occurrence.

This can happen no matter which bagua map you choose when you are trying to decorate your living room - Classical or Western bagua. 

So, let's find the easiest way to apply feng shui in your living room and achieve good results.

First, it is very helpful to understand not only which feng shui elements are needed in specific bagua areas of your living room, but also the subtle way these elements interact.

I know this might sound confusing, but it is easy, trust me!

Here are simple feng shui resources to help you:

What the 5 Feng Shui Elements Are

How the 5 Elements Interact

How To Decorate with the 5 Elements

Once you master the art of expressing the 5 feng shui elements, both you and your living room will be very pleased with your feng shui skills! 

So, here's what you do in order to decorate a living room in two different bagua areas:

1. Find out which feng shui elements are needed in your living room bagua areas.

2. Understand how to express the needed feng shui elements in colors and shapes.

3. Know how to strengthen a specific element by using the cycles of feng shui elements.

Again, this might sound overwhelming, but believe me it is not.

Once you understand the basics, you will much enjoy shifting the energy in your living room by playing with the five feng shui elements.

To help you out, let's take an example of a living room that is located part in the Southwest feng shui area (Love & Marriage) and part in the West area (Children & Creativity).

The Southwest bagua area needs the Earth feng shui element, and the West bagua area needs the Metal feng shui element. 

Is there a common feng shui element between these two areas, an element that will make both areas of your living room happy? Yes, it is!

The Earth element is good for both bagua areas, as it governs the Southwest area, as well as nourishes the Metal of the West area.

So, in our example of a living room located in Southwest and West bagua areas, you can safely base your living room decor color scheme on earthy tones. Of course, you can always bring many more colors, because we need all 5 feng shui elements in any space, just in different proportions. 

This was easy, wasn't it?

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