Use the Feng Shui Lucky Directions for Your Desk or Bed

Woman working in a home office

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The concept of good and bad feng shui directions is a very popular one in feng shui, and luckily it is really easy to apply. A lucky feng shui direction is the direction that gives you a better quality of energy (as compared to other directions).

There are lucky feng shui directions for money and success, better health, love and marriage energy, and for the enhancement of one's spiritual growth and personal cultivation. Of course, the lucky feng shui directions are not a magical cure; just one fine step in helping attract the quality of energy you long for.

These lucky feng shui directions are calculated based on your gender and birth date. First, though, you have to find out your Kua number. Once you know your Kua number, you can then calculate your lucky feng shui directions.

Each person is considered to have four lucky directions and four unlucky ones. It goes without saying that once you know this info, it is good to apply it in your life. The use of feng shui lucky directions is certainly not mandatory, but you will usually get better energy when facing your best directions.

With the lucky feng shui directions in mind, you can rearrange your bedroom to see if you can sleep facing one of your best directions (the direction the crown of your head is facing). You can also reposition your office desk (the direction you face while working), and even change the placement of your favorite reading chair.

Another criterion for the best positioning of both the bed and the desk is the power spot of the room, also called the feng shui commanding position. Finding this power spot in most spaces is easy; you do not have to have any specific energy skills to sense it.

If you can combine both feng shui notions in your home or office, meaning position your desk or bed in a feng shui commanding position and facing one of your lucky directions, this is excellent feng shui indeed.

Why is the focus on the lucky feng shui for the bed and the desk? Well, because "in the bed" and "at my desk" is where people tend to spend the most amount of time while facing the same direction. You can apply the best directions info in many other situations in your life, such as going for the best (for you) seating in an important business meeting or when going out on a date. Do your best to apply both the feng shui lucky directions and the feng shui commanding position when rearranging your office or your bedroom and watch the difference it makes.