3 Feng Shui Money Area Decor Mistakes

What to avoid in your home or office feng shui money area

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Rob Melnychuk/Getty Images

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In decorating your feng shui money area, be it in at home or in the office, it is easy to make big feng shui mistakes without being aware of it. After all, feng shui is a complex, multi-level art and science, so there can be levels that you are just not aware of yet.

My goal is to help you see the subtle levels of feng shui wealth energy expressed in various decor options, both good and bad.

Now that you know the best feng shui decor choices for your money area, it is also important to know the mistakes that are often made in this area (so that you can avoid making them!)

I grouped the common feng shui money area mistakes in 3 main categories to help you easily understand them.


Mistake #1: Inappropriate Energy in Your Money Area

As strange as it sounds, the inappropriate energy, feng shui-wise, is not always easy to detect. Some examples can be quite obvious (once you see them!) You might not notice many of them in your own home just because we develop certain blind spots to the things in our surroundings. With a bit of an effort (or with a good friend's help!), you might discover some really inappropriate feng shui energy in your money area.

Here's a brief list of things that do not belong in the money area:

  • trash can (especially an open one)
  • aggressive, sad or lonely images
  • broken things
  • clutter
  • big toolboxes (metal tools)
  • laundry basket
  • paper shredder
  • unpaid bills

Mistake #2: Destructive Feng Shui Elements in Your Money Area

This can be harder to detect because you need to really understand and be familiar with the play of five feng shui elements in order to easily detect their presence in various decor items.

In a nutshell, you need to avoid a strong presence of the Fire and Metal feng shui elements in your money area because they will weaken or even destroy the Wood energy needed in the money area. Notice I say avoid a strong presence but not eliminate because you still want a bit of these feng shui elements in your money area.

Let me give you some examples for each element:

Fire: Splashes of red, purple, orange, magenta (all fire colours) are actually good because they will activate the energy. However, a strong presence of fire element colours and shapes will burn the Wood energy here. An example of a strong presence of fire element will be a big red couch, or bright red walls, purple curtains, an orange rug, or a big fireplace in your money area.

Metal: White colour is always welcomed in a good feng shui home; it can be an excellent foundation for any feng shui bagua area. However, a predominantly white decor in your money area is not good feng shui as it will weaken the energy of your money area.  White colour is an expression of Metal element energy and Metal cuts/destroys the Wood. Same applies to a strong presence of actual metal items, be they a metal display, a metal coffee table, a big metal decor item or a focal point light fixture in metal.

Mistake #3: A Neglected Missing Part in Your Money Area

If you have a missing part in your money area you have to do your best to remedy the situation and create a balanced energy in it. How do you know if your house or office has a missing money area?

Ok, you know a lot by now! There is just one more part left if you want to master your understanding of good feng shui in the money area.