What's Wrong with Your Feng Shui Money Area?

Feng shui money area

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Question: I used feng shui to redo my small living room with the intent to concentrate on my wealth corner. I added living plants, a mobile, feng shui pictures with water, and cleared out old books and clutter. Soon after, I started experiencing financial difficulties. What did I do wrong?

Answer: There can be many things that went out of balance in your space once you decided to concentrate on your wealth feng shui corner. It is hard to say what exactly went wrong, as I have never seen your living room.

When it comes to the right application of feng shui, it is not the number of cures one brings to bring the desired results.

It is the consistency and commitment to transform the space into a harmonious, healthy environment, thus creating a good feng shui foundation for deeper work such as attracting more money, love, career success, etc.

Feng shui is easily misunderstood and often done in the wrong order. Many people do little feng shui changes on the surface and then expect drastic results overnight. It doesn't work this way.

You have to start with the feng shui basics when expecting results from your feng shui efforts. There is no way around it.

It is also best when the changes, including specific feng shui cures, are added gradually, without disturbing the energy of your home too much. There are always exceptions to this, such as when you are working with a feng shui consultant, for example, and he or she knows exactly what to do.

And the final, and maybe most important factor in your case, is understanding the principle of balance. In applying feng shui to any space, you never focus on just one bagua area, because this can backfire without the support of other bagua areas.

One of the most basic principles of feng shui is that everything is interconnected and exchanges energy all the time. Which means, energizing just one area—and ignoring all other important feng shui areas of your home—can make things worse.

Wealth feng shui area is always stronger when you also take care of all other bagua areas, too.

I have a short video that explains the necessity to activate several feng shui areas of your home when your focus is just one bagua area. In your case, if you want to attract more prosperity into your life, you not only have to activate the Wealth and Money area but also "enlist the support" of two more feng shui bagua areas, thus creating a triangle of support.

The Helpful People and Networking energy is always good to activate when you work on attracting more abundance, as well as the Personal Growth and Cultivation bagua area. However, this comes after you have created a good feng shui foundation for your whole space so that the good energy you want to attract has a firm place to establish itself.

This might sound complicated, but it is quite easy once you commit to it. Creating a good feng shui home can be a very fun and healing process. And you get to enjoy all the benefits!

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