How to Find the Feng Shui Money Corner of Your Home

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One of the most popular feng shui topics is wealth. There’s even a corner of your home that corresponds to your prosperity and abundance. You can learn about how to find and activate the money corner (or wealth corner) of your home using a tool in feng shui called the bagua. The bagua is an energetic map that is laid over a space, and it’s divided into a three-by-three grid, with eight areas around a center. 

Your home is a reflection of your life, and the bagua is one of the tools that feng shui practitioners use to better understand this connection. Each of the areas of the bagua corresponds to a particular aspect of life, such as relationships, career, knowledge, and yes, even your financial prosperity. This particular area is called "Xun" in Chinese and is also known as the wealth or money corner. This position relates to your financial wealth and abundance, as well as the prosperity of all kinds. It also represents self-worth, which is deeply connected to material wealth: Our ability to receive wealth and abundance is determined in part by how we value ourselves.

Another thing to note is that many people say they want to work on wealth, but often there is something else going on. A skilled practitioner can help you dig into the root cause of your challenges and figure out what would be most impactful to work on.

For example, you might not be making as much money as you want because you’re not in a supportive career, or you are lacking helpful people in your life who can help you attain your goals. In those cases, you might not need to work on wealth directly; it might be more helpful to focus on improving your career or inviting more helpful people into your life.

Feng Shui bagua map

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How to Find Your Money Corner

To find the wealth area of your entire home, stand at the formal front door of your house facing in, and locate the far left corner.

Keep It Simple!

To make this simpler, you can also work just with the wealth area of your bedroom or office. In this case, you would stand in the main door of the bedroom or office looking in. The far left area is the wealth corner of your bedroom or office.  

Once you’ve located the wealth area, notice what’s happening there. Is it empty? Cluttered? Neatly organized? Think about what this could represent metaphorically. Maybe this area of your home is collecting dust and hasn’t been touched in months—could that correspond to an unwillingness to look at your finances regularly, or to make changes in how you value yourself?

Tips to Enhance Your Money Corner 

If you’d like to work on attracting more abundance, self-worth, or prosperity, you may want to activate the wealth area of your home. Here are a few of our favorite ways to do this. 

Fix Anything That’s Broken

This might not sound like feng shui to you, but it’s important to make mundane improvements in addition to the more subtle, energetic adjustments. Items that are chipped, falling apart, or not working properly don’t lead to feelings of abundance, so it’s best to either fix them or let them go. 

Decorate With Purple

Purple is the color associated with the wealth area, so placing something purple here can activate wealth and abundance. This could be a piece of artwork, a throw pillow, a planter, or any other item that you’re attracted to.

purple wall with side table and white chair

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Bring in Plants

The wealth area is also connected to the wood element, represented by plants. Add a healthy green plant to this area to invite steady growth in your finances or self-worth. A plant that is particularly helpful for this purpose is the Pilea peperomioides also known as the money tree, coin plant or jade plant.

Decorate With Green or Blue

Green and blue are the colors associated with the wood element, so adding these colors in the wealth area can support growth and healing in this area of life. You may want to paint a whole wall green or blue or choose a smaller, more subtle accent, depending on your decor and preferences. 

living room with green wall and plants

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Activate With a Water Feature

In the five elements system, water feeds wood, so adding the water element in the wealth area can be supportive. A small fountain can be a lovely addition to this area—just make sure to keep it clean! Dirty, stagnant water is not going to enhance your home’s feng shui. If actual water doesn’t feel like a fit for your space, you can also incorporate artwork with images of water.

Look for a black art frame, since this is the color that represents the water element. 

Add Amethyst

Crystals can feel beautiful and luxurious in a space, and they’re also pretty easy to find. Amethyst is a great addition to the wealth area because of its purple color, and because it resonates with the feeling of abundance. It can also invoke feelings of spiritual abundance, which goes hand in hand with material wealth.

Selenite moon crystal and Turkish amethyst crystal on marble background

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