How to Use Feng Shui for Wealth and Prosperity in Your Home

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Feng shui was developed in ancient China as a practice to bring built environments into harmony with the natural environment. When the spaces we live and work in are in balance with nature, this helps to create the best circumstances for prosperity and luck. The whole idea of feng shui is to create a more auspicious life situation for someone by looking at how their home is situated in an environment and how things are placed inside it.

We can think about feng shui as making the most of the environments around us. For example, think of a tree. The location of the tree makes a big difference. If it’s in a place where it can receive the most sunlight and it has the best conditions to receive water and rain, then the tree will flourish. If it’s placed where it can’t receive enough light or support, then it won’t do very well. Feng shui is simply a way of looking at how you can situate yourself so that you can flourish. 

Here are a few ways you can work with your home’s environment to create more prosperity, abundance, and good luck.

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    Locate and Activate the Wealth Area

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    There’s an area of the feng shui Bagua map, called Xun position, that’s related to wealth, abundance, and prosperity. To find your wealth area, stand in the doorway of your home facing in. The far left corner is the wealth area.

    One easy way to activate this area to bring in more wealth and good luck is to add living green plants. Plants represent the wood element, which is associated with this area of the Bagua, as well as growth and new beginnings.

    The wealth area is also related to the color purple, so you can activate this area by decorating it with purple accents. Amethyst crystal is a great way of bringing purple into the wealth area.

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    Try a Feng Shui Money Plant

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    While many types of plants can be supportive in the wealth area, a few, in particular, are often known as money plants in feng shui, and they can be a great choice if you’d like to invite in more wealth and prosperity.

    Pilea peperomioides and jade plants are two of these varieties. Both have coin-like leaves, and the jade plant also resembles the precious jade stone. Pachira aquatica, also called a money tree, is often used as a feng shui adjustment to welcome abundance.

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    Paint the Front Door Red

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    In feng shui, your front door is one of the most important parts of your home because this is how energy and opportunities find you. It’s important to make it welcoming and inviting, and one way to do this is to intentionally choose a supportive paint color for your front door.

    Red is an auspicious color in feng shui, and it also offers protection and transformation of negative energy. A red door is very noticeable, so it can bring a lot of energy, attention, and opportunities your way. 

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    Add Citrine Crystals

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    Citrine is often used to manifest abundance and opportunities, and to create an increased sense of confidence and optimism. When you’re working with abundance, it’s important to also look at how you feel about yourself. Cultivating a sense of confidence and self-worth will support your goals of material abundance as well.

    You can place citrine in your wealth area to activate it, or you can place citrine on your desk to invite more opportunities for wealth and abundance in your career. 

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    Place a Feng Shui Money Frog

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    The money frog is a Chinese symbol that is often used in feng shui to invite prosperity and abundance. In addition to being connected to wealth, it also represents longevity and wisdom. In Chinese folklore, there are many stories about the money frog, and it was said to produce coins from its mouth.

    As a feng shui adjustment, the money frog is generally a small figurine made of metal, jade, or another type of stone. It’s best to place the money frog on a low surface, but not directly on the floor. If you do choose to place a money frog in your home, make sure you treat it with care. Set an intention for your money frog, and make sure to clean and dust it often.

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    Get a Bowl of Oranges

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    In Chinese culture, oranges are a symbol of good luck and wealth. Oranges are also a source of active, uplifting yang energy. Yang energy is bright and life-affirming, like the midday sun. The scent and color of oranges can really uplift and energize a space, so keeping a bowl of fresh oranges on your kitchen counter can be a simple and effective way to create more prosperity and abundance in your home and life.

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    Collect Chinese Coins

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    Chinese coins are another symbol of positivity and good luck. Because they were used as currency in ancient China, they are connected to prosperity and wealth. Generally, groups of coins are strung together with red or yellow ribbon and hung on the wall. Red and yellow are both auspicious colors in feng shui; red also represents vitality and protection, and yellow is associated with the imperial court.

    If you would like to use Chinese coins as an adjustment in your home, it’s best to find authentic antique copper coins. If you aren’t able to find these, choose the best quality replicas that you can find, often made of gold or jade. 

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    Build Fountains for Wealth

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    Adding a water fountain to your home represents the water element, associated with wealth. A water fountain near the entrance of your home encourages abundance to flow into your home from outside. Ideally, the water should be flowing upward or toward the inside of your home, rather than downward or away from your home.

    It’s also important to clean your fountain often and make sure it doesn’t run dry. A poorly maintained fountain will not have the same positive energetic effects as one that is well cared for.