Feng Shui Must-Haves for Your Living Room

fresh flowers in a vase on a table in living room

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    Inviting Seating

    Bright and sunny luxury home interior with design green velvet sofa, furniture, gold coffee tables, pouf, plants and accessroies. Big windows with grey curtains. A variety of comfy seating in the living room for good feng shui
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    There are a few approaches to arranging furniture with good feng shui in the living room.

    First, you should ensure your home has comfortable seating. It makes a huge difference if everyone is cozy and relaxed. And it doesn't have to be just sofas and armchairs. You can create mini-spaces like a side table with some chairs.

    Also, try to provide enough seating for everyone in the home with some extra for guests. Then, take the time to arrange the furniture so that when you sit you’re facing others. The idea is to encourage conversation. If possible, minimize any seats that have the back facing the door.

    Also, try out each spot to sit in your seating area to make sure it’s a comfortable place to linger and chat.

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    Living Green House Plants

    Stylish green plants in pots on wooden vintage stand on background of white rustic wall with embroidery hanging. Peperomia, sansevieria, dracaena plants, modern room decor
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    One of the five elements in feng shui is wood. Wood invokes kindness, flexibility, and compassion.

    Placement of well cared for living green plants bring the wood element into the living room where we connect with others. Plants also bring in vital life force energy and nature.

    If possible, it’s best to select healthy plants with rounded and soft leaves. But, if there's a pointy plant you are attached to, like aloe, it's okay to keep around if you love it!

    If you truly have no light in the living room, you can substitute real plants with fake ones. Keep in mind though, that your fake plants must be high quality and look very realistic.

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    Bowl of Fresh Oranges

    Mandarin oranges in a bowl for good feng shui
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    Oranges can brighten up the coldest of winter days. The sweet bright scent and vibrant color of this fruit invites good feng shui into your living room.

    This citrusy fruit symbolizes good luck and prosperity in feng shui. In fact, the Chinese word for “orange” rhymes with the word for “gold.” In addition, the color and shape of oranges echo that of gold.

    Find a bowl you love and toss in nine fresh oranges. Why nine? Because nine is an auspicious number in feng shui.

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    Rug for Grounding

    green sofa in living room with a rug
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    An area rug in the living room grounds the space. Using a flat square-shaped rug brings in the earth element of stability and good health. Earth element connects us to mother earth. She’s under our feet, always there to support us.

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    Fresh Flowers

    fresh flowers in a vase on a table in living room
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    Fresh cut flowers welcomes nature into the living room. In feng shui philosophy, we use flowers for joy and to create better flow in a space.

    Flowers bring in beauty, color, and life energy. They also teach us about celebration and impermanence.

    Keep it simple for yourself. Even a single flower in a vase is inviting. Offer the flowers fresh water with kindness and let them go when they’ve expired.

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    Lots of Lighting

    Brightly lit living room with lighting
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    Lighting is essential in a living room. All living things grow towards the light—humans and nature love it.

    In the living room, do your best to harvest natural sunlight during the day. Ensure that you have clean windows because they let in more light. When planning out your living space or redecorating, incorporate plenty of illumination with lamps and fixtures.

    Another great tip is to use a dimmer when you can as this gives you flexibility. The lights don’t need to be on maximum brightness all the time, but it’s important to have the capacity to light up the space properly.

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    Uplifting Artwork

    Cozy living room with abstract art
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    While you don’t have to have artwork on the walls, it’s helpful to consider the feeling and subject matter of the art in the living room if you do. This is a room where you connect with others as well as gather and entertain.

    Consider selections of artwork that are uplifting and even personal. Hang art that you love and enjoy. Also include art that everyone can appreciate equally. It's also fun to make your own art if you like!

    Family photos are also good feng shui in the living room, but not required.

    For your art, be sure to hang the pieces at the appropriate heights. And be careful to not hang them too low. Low artwork can cause depression in the home.

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    Expansive Mirrors

    living room with large window and mirror
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    Mirrors expand, brighten, and bring water element into a space. They’re great in living rooms just for this reason.

    If possible, locate a mirror to reflect a view outside a window or to visually double the size of the space.

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    Earthy Heavy Objects for Stability

    A sculpted image of the Buddha
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    Heavy objects like statues or large rocks bring in the earth element to the living room. This is a great way to create more stability and support the health of everyone in your home.

    We personally love large chunks of amethyst, which invite in contentment and tranquility. You can also work with Buddha statue as this serves doubly as a spiritual reminder.

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