Feng Shui Myths That Are False

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    Feng Shui: What's True and What's Not

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    Feng shui is as popular today as it is riddled with stereotypes (and often pure nonsense). As with any information, it takes some time to sift through and find info that is true and actually works. To help you out, here are 10 feng shui myths to stop believing now; it might just make your job of applying feng shui easier.

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    Red as a Lucky Color For Front Doors

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    Is a red color door really lucky in feng shui? Yes, it is, but not for every house! The successful use of color in feng shui is quite specific as it depends on many factors. In ​the case of a best front door color, you will have to look at its feng shui facing direction, and then choose the best color for it. This feng shui guide to help choose best front door color will make your front door color selection easy.

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    Lucky Bamboo and Fountains

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    A lucky bamboo plant and indoor fountains are the items most often associated with feng shui. Both items can be used as very efficient feng shui cures in different areas of one's home or office. However, their absence (or presence) in your home does not automatically make it a home with good or a bad feng shui. There is way more involved in creating a space with good feng shui than just buying an item or two. It's a good start, though!

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    Flowers Are Bad Bedroom Feng Shui

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    Fresh flowers have an exquisite energy (Chi) and always bring enchantment and sweet healing scents to any space. How can they be bad feng shui for your bedroom? As with everything feng shui, you have to be specific and look at details, not just be guided by general statements. So, a small bouquet of fresh flowers is wonderful feng shui for the bedroom, while a huge colorful composition can create a quality of energy that is a bit too active for the bedroom.

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    Move Your Furniture, Change Your Life

    feng shui furnitre arrangement
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    Wouldn't it be wonderful to move your sofa and instantly get a promotion? Or rearrange your dining room and meet that special someone? Sounds dreamy, but it's not exactly true. Moving or rearranging your furniture from time to time is always a good idea as it refreshes the energy flow in your space. However,  just the move in itself, will not guarantee major life changes. Sorry. It takes way more than to create lasting change by working with feng shui.

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    If Your Bed is Not Facing A Lucky Direction, You Are Doomed

    feng shui bed direction
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    Along with the popular myths of easy and miraculous feng shui applications the very next ones are the concepts that bring doom and gloom. One of them is that your bed facing an unlucky direction can bring you all sorts of misfortune. Absolutely not true.

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    The Right Plant Brings Luck and Money

    Green house plant
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    There are several money plants in feng shui, so you can explore and see what is different about each one of them. Here is the truth, though: any vibrant, lush, healthy plant with flowing, soft energy will bring you an abundant quality of energy because it replicates nature. And nature is the mother of all abundance. So instead of scouring stores for that special and "right" feng shui money plant, better take good care of the plants you have; their health and vibrant Chi is what attracts the abundant quality of energy to your space.

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    The Stove Direction Makes Your Kitchen

    feng shui kitchen
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    If you like to cook, entertain or eat, you know that there are many, many elements that make a well-functioning and attractive kitchen. Feng shui-wise, there are quite a few factors that make a good feng shui kitchen, and the direction of your kitchen stove is not even in the top three. So stop worrying about the bad direction of your stove and focus instead on creating a clean, beautiful kitchen that reflects health and happy times.

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    Mandarin Ducks Bring Everlasting Love

    Mandarin ducks are the most popular and prominent classical feng shui cure for love that comes with the promise of everlasting happiness in marriage and a loyal, devoted partner for life. Read about mandarin ducks and their use as feng shui cure for love.

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    Displaying Clocks is Bad Feng Shui

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    Clocks keep track of time, and time is a non-renewable resource that goes very fast. For this reason, you have to be careful where you display big clocks, just because they bring unnecessary reminders. Displaying big clocks in the bedroom is not good feng shui, but anywhere else in the home - feel free to display as many clocks as you can comfortably look at.

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    A Bagua Mirror Will Protect Your Home

    feng shui bagua mirror

    The use of bagua mirrors is largely misunderstood, and people decorate their homes with them believing it is good feng shui. A bagua mirror - no matter concave or convex - should never be used inside, but rather outside only if there is actually Sha Chi (attacking energy) pointing at your front door. And, even then, you can find better ways to shield the energy of your home without displaying an item that is sure to raise a few eyebrows in your neighborhood.