Best Kitchenware Shapes and Colors for Feng Shui

Lemons in a bowl and cut up on counter
Paul Burns / Getty Images

The kitchen is an important feng shui area for promoting health and wellbeing in your home. So, naturally, when you're choosing plates and other dishes for your kitchen, you might have some questions: What plates should I use in my kitchen for good feng shui? Are round dishes better feng shui than square ones? What color is best feng shui for plates, or does it depend on the kitchen location? These are all good, and the first answer may put you at ease: There are really no shoulds in good and successful feng shui applications. It is always best to go with what you love and are drawn to.

Personal Preferences

The rule to go with what you love is particularly applicable to your kitchen and your bedroom, as both places, feng shui-wise, are directly connected to your well-being; and only you know what makes you feel happy and nourished. Start with your own preferences, then see how they compare with the general feng shui guidelines.

In the course of understanding deeper levels of feng shui, you may feel drawn to make subtle—or not so subtle—adjustments to your feng shui choices, but first, always be guided by your feelings. With that in mind, the more important questions are: What plates do you like the most in your kitchen? What colors are you drawn to the most while dining?


We think the color white is the best energy foundation for the beauty and nourishment of the food that is served. It's also worth noting that good restaurants almost always use white plates. To us, a clean white plate is like a fresh canvas waiting for the next masterpiece.

But for your kitchen, the best choice will be based on your personal preference, unless you have a big collection of dishes on display. In this case, you will probably be happiest with colors that are appropriate for your kitchen decor scheme as well as for the bagua area the kitchen is located in.

Colors can also have a psychological effect. In general, blue is a good color for dishes when one is trying to lose weight, while red, orange. and yellow tend to stimulate the appetite.


Round is the shape that has the most flow or harmonious movement. This can introduce fresh energy into your cooking and dining and is well-suited to presenting and enjoying the food. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with square or rectangular plates, or that they are bad feng shui. Square-edged plates just provide different energy that tends to be slower and more grounding than the constant flow of a circle. In this way, you can think of square-shaped plates as helping you slow down more. And when it comes to cooking with love and enjoying food and sharing with others, slowing down isn't such a bad thing.