Is It Ever OK to Have a Mirror Facing a Door in Feng Shui?

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If you’re a little (or a lot) familiar with feng shui, you might know enough to wonder about mirrors. Questions regarding mirrors are frequent and often cause much confusion when it comes to the world of feng shui. So, if you’ve ever wondered if it is ever OK to have a mirror facing a door in feng shui, you’ve come to the right place! 

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Asian philosophy that looks at the flow of energy (called qi) of your home and how to improve and enhance it. Most of us can understand that our homes affect our wellbeing in many ways, so it’s helpful to learn how to make subtle shifts to create spaces that support us. 

Feng Shui of Doors

One of the things we look at in feng shui is doors. A door is the way in which you enter and exit a room. A door is also a means to connect rooms and spaces when open, or close off when shut (or even locked). Therefore in feng shui, doors are the portals that control energy and how it flows through your home, from room to room, and from outside the home to inside.

Feng Shui of Mirrors

Mirrors are glass with a reflective (often metallic) coating on one side. The water element is called in with mirrors because still water can accurately reflect the image of the moon. When feng shui was developed, mirrors were often highly polished pieces of metal. Therefore, in feng shui, mirrors are considered both water and metal elements in the five element system. 

Outside of the five elements system, mirrors can be applied strategically for their reflective qualities which can invite, expand, enhance, and amplify and/or minimize qi.

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Mirrors and Front or Exterior Doors

One of the reasons a general feng shui search is confusing and there is conflicting information is because there are dozens of schools of feng shui. They have similar foundations in the bagua, the five elements, and so forth. However, the question of the mirror and front door changes from school to school. 

In some feng shui schools, it is not advised to have a mirror facing your front door. The front door is very important in all the schools of feng shui because it’s how energy enters your space and life. In the traditional and classical viewpoint, placement of a mirror facing the front door will reflect the energy back out the door. In the BTB school of feng shui, a practitioner may actually recommend a mirror facing the front door to invite an advantageous energy into the space. In this case, it’s best to check with a trusted feng shui consultant. Also it’s helpful to recognize if you have your own fears based on what you’ve read. If you are terribly worried about a mirror facing your front door, then it is probably bad energy regardless of what anyone tells you because you have created your own negative thoughts about it.

Mirrors Facing Interior Doors

In general, it is OK to have a mirror facing an interior door, aside from the front door. However, there are some situations that may also be happening in tandem that may cause you to relocate a mirror (that has nothing to do with the mirror facing the interior door). 

Here are some situations when you would not want to hang a mirror in any location according to feng shui principles. Please note that these guidelines are for mirrors in general and not only mirrors placed facing an interior door. Do not hang a mirror that:

  • is not fastened securely to the wall, and you are worried that it will break or fall on you.
  • is reflecting something you want less of. For example, a pile of paperwork or bills that are accumulating or a view of your garbage bins.
  • is broken.
  • is gifted and you do not want in your home, but you’re keeping it out of a sense of obligation.
  • is second-hand and may hold energies from a difficult home or person.
  • you dislike.

Most importantly, not everything in your home is a feng shui object. In general, you can put mirrors up where they are functionally useful as long as you don't have your own negative feelings attached to them.