Feng Shui of Staircase Location and Design

Your staircase in a good feng shui floor plan

feng shui staircase tips
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Staircases have a challenging "status" in feng shui. Almost as bad as the bathroom, but not quite as bad. To understand the feng shui essence of this challenging reputation, try to feel the energy of a staircase by spending a bit of time close to it. Be completely still and try to sense its energy.

You will feel an unsettling quality of energy, a constant up-and-down movement that varies a bit depending on the staircase design and location. This is not to say that staircases are bad feng shui, not at all. It just means that the staircase has a specific quality of feng shui energy that is best to be mindful about when striving to create a good feng shui floor plan.

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Knowing that staircases have a challenging feng shui energy, are there better and worse areas in your home to have a staircase? Yes, of course. As always with feng shui, the specific bagua areas where you place an item or a cure and their energy - be it an art poster, a wall color or the location of a staircase or bathroom when designing your floor plan - are all very important.
Feng shui is a bit like the art of cooking, you have to know what ingredients to use, where and how much in order to achieve the desired results. You also have to be creative, of course! You might not always have the best (or even the necessary!) ingredients, but creativity, persistence, and enthusiasm will bring you good results.

3 Worst Feng Shui Areas for A Staircase in Any Floor Plan

1. A staircase in the center of your home or office is considered the worst feng shui location for a staircase. The energy of the center - the heart of any space - will be exhausted by the constant "drilling" energy of the center staircase. Sooner or later, this disturbing, up-and-down energy will reflect itself in the energy of people living or working in this space.
2. Another big feng shui "No" is a staircase aligned with the front door. When you align the energy of stairs (rushing up and down) with the incoming energy (Chi) from your front door, you create a quality of energy that is rushed, unsettled and unstable. This tends to determine the quality of energy in the whole house (if no feng shui cures are implemented to balance it out). Whenever possible, avoid a house with a staircase facing the front door.
3. It is best to avoid a staircase in your Health (East), Love (Southwest) or Money (Southeast) bagua areas. If you have to have a staircase there, be sure you understand how to ground the energy of a staircase. Also be sure to work with the right feng shui elements in the staircase design. For example, do your best to emphasize the Wood feng shui element and avoid the Metal element in the design of a staircase in the East bagua area. To understand why, look into the interplay of the five feng shui elements.

As for the best feng shui design of a staircase, it is always recommended to have a staircase that expresses, visually and energetically, a sense of stability. The more grounded and stable energy your staircase design expresses, the least negative feng shui impact it has.

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