The Best Feng Shui Colors for a Home Office

home office with white and wood furniture and a zig zag rug

ergonofis / Unsplash

By now, most of us are familiar with the challenges of staying focused and on task while working from home. One way to help yourself get into the right energy and headspace when you are working from home is to make sure you have a supportive home office. Using feng shui can help you design your work-from-home space in a way that allows you to bring your most productive self to work. Whether you have a separate room to use as your home office, or you’ve carved out a corner in your kitchen, you can apply feng shui principles to make the most of your space.  

One simple and effective way to start working with feng shui in your home is through color. There are many ways to approach feng shui and color, and if you want to really dive deep to find the most supportive colors for your space, it might be helpful to work one-on-one with a practitioner. 

If you are ready to start playing around with color in your space and you just want a bit of feng shui guidance, here are a few colors that generally work well in an office setting.


White is associated with the metal element in the five elements color system. The metal element is about being productive. It also has to do with your creative output and your ability to complete projects. If you have trouble with procrastination, or if you have a hard time finishing the things you start, white is a good color to add to your office design. You can go with a true white or an off-white, depending on what makes the most sense for your space. 


Gray sits between white and black, and it also has the qualities of the metal element. A lighter, cool gray brings in a similar energy to white, making it another great color to promote productivity. A warmer gray with brown undertones is more earthy, and it will bring a calmer, steadier energy. In feng shui, gray is also connected to helpful people. Adding gray to your office color palette is one way to invite more helpful people into your work life. 

peaceful wood desk and laptop with a gray chair and white wall

Minh Pham / Unsplash


Brown is connected to the earth element in the five element color system. The earth element is about being grounded and at ease. Different shades of brown, as well as other earth tones, are connected to this element. Brown wood finishes also represent the earth element, so a brown wooden desk is connected to earth. If you tend to feel anxious or worried while you’re working, adding the earth element to your home office can help to create more ease. 


Black is related to the water element, another one of the five elements. Water is about seeking wisdom and finding your purpose. The water element and black are also closely linked to your career. If you feel like you lack clarity about your career or your purpose in life, try adding small amounts of black to your office space


Like brown, yellow is connected to the earth element. It’s actually the traditional color of earth in feng shui. Yellow also evokes the energy of the sun and the feeling of joy. If you’re craving more ease and harmony, try adding hits of yellow to your home office. 

home office space with brown, black, and teal furniture

Gian Paolo Aliatis / Unsplash


Green is connected to the wood element in the five element color system. Wood is related to growth and action. If you feel like there is low or slow energy in your office space, increasing wood energy by adding the color green can help to add vitality. For an instant wood energy hit, try working with clean, vibrant, and grassy greens. 


Teal falls in between blue and green, and it is also connected to the energy of wood. If you’re looking for more growth and movement, teal is a great choice. Teals, aquas, and mint greens all evoke nature and the energy of springtime. If you’re craving more connection to nature, adding these shades to your office might be just what you need. 


Red is a very powerful and auspicious color in feng shui. It is activating and protective, and it’s connected to the fire element. If the energy in your office feels “off” and you need to shift your luck, add some red to your office decor. A little goes a long way when it comes to red, so you’ll probably want to try adding it in small doses rather than painting a whole wall red. Set the intention for your red additions to protect you and correct any negative qi (energy) not only in your office, but in your work life as a whole.