Feng Shui Rules for Every Room in Your Home

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To create a harmonious feng shui home, you need to be sure there is good energy flow in every room. From the best feng shui color for your front door to the best feng shui decor for your bedroom, and designing your kitchen and bath, use these feng shui room-by-room tips to create a harmonious and happy home.

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    Good Feng Shui Begins at the Front Door

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    The front door of a house is called "the mouth of Chi" in feng shui. That is because this is how your house absorbs essential Chi or energy.​

    When a house has enough good Chi coming in and the flow of Chi is harmonious, the people living in the house experience heightened levels of well-being. Learning to take good care of the feng shui of your main entry will help your home absorb the best energy nourishment.​

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    Create Harmony in the Living Room

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    The living room is one of the busiest areas of your home. That's why it is so important that you know how to create good energy there.

    Check the Bagua area(s) of your living room and family room and decorate them accordingly by using the right feng shui element colors. Go even further and find out the feng shui birth elements and Kua numbers of your family members and create harmony for all.

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    Sensual and Harmonious Energy for the Bedroom

    Understated bedroom

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    Your bedroom is the most important room in your house—treat it wisely. This means keeping harmful energies (and useless activities) out and making smart decisions for allowing good energy in.

    Your bedroom may be simple, and that's a very good start. This room is one of the keys to a happy relationship and truly restful sleep, so anything you can do to promote that will help.

    Learn what makes a good feng shui bed as well as tips for good decor, from the paint on the walls to the art and lighting. There are ways to deal with all your bedroom challenges in the most practical feng shui way.

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    Promote a Healthy Kitchen

    Open and Airy Dining Area
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    The kitchen has long been considered the heart of a home. In feng shui, the energy in the kitchen is also connected to the energy of wealth and abundance.

    There are many elements of the kitchen that we cannot control. A small kitchen poses problems with clutter and your oven mouth may not be in the ideal direction. Your kitchen may even be in an undesired feng shui area of the Bagua. You can combat all of these issues with a few feng shui tips for the kitchen.

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    Your Bathroom Cures

    Bathtub faucet
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    Bathrooms have a bad reputation in feng shui. However, this does not mean you can’t create good energy in the room.

    You can find easy solutions for various feng shui bathrooms challenges, such as a bathroom in the money area or a bathroom over the bedroom. All you need are good feng shui tips and a bit of effort.

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    Feng Shui for the Kids

    Bright children's room

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    A good flow of feng shui energy in the space will inevitably lead to a happier, healthier child. Likewise, a room with a poor energy flow will contribute to a child who can't sleep well, is cranky, and tends to get sick often.

    Use feng shui to create a healthy and happy space for your children, even the baby's nursery. The key to the kids' rooms is to create joy and not chaos. They will be happier and, in turn, so will you.

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    Be Productive in Your Home Office

    Home work space
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    Work from home in style and with good energy! Use feng shui to become more productive, feel creative, and enjoy your work.

    The home office poses special challenges because everyone and every office are unique. For instance, artists and creatives will want a space that promotes creative energy. Then again, your home office may be tucked away with no windows and need extra attention as well.

    Every office can benefit from air-purifying plants and a proper placement of your desk or work area, which may mean dealing with challenging walls. Any little thing you can do will build on your success, so definitely don't neglect the office.

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    Don't Neglect Your Storage

    Organized closet
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    You might prefer to think that the garage is not part of your home Bagua, but it is. You might also like to think that closets are not important in feng shui, but they are. Both garages and storage spaces contribute to the overall feng shui of your space, be sure it is a good contribution.

    "Clean Closet, Clean Mind" is a useful statement to keep in mind because even clutter behind closed doors affects your home's energy. This includes any space in your home that's used for storage, even that untidy basement.

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    Feng Shui for Small Spaces

    White and black living space

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    Applying feng shui in a small apartment or studio can be a challenge. Quite often, there is little or no separation between your living, working, and sleeping spaces. Even though it can be frustrating at times, do your best with what you have.

    There are also living circumstances that warrant special attention such as dorm rooms, basement apartments and shared homes.

    An important first step in feng shui in any of these spaces is learning how to define the Bagua. You might even consider choosing your next apartment based on its feng shui friendliness.