Feng Shui Symbols for Career Success

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In Asian culture, it's quite common to use feng shui techniques to enhance all aspects of your life, especially in respect to your work. Check out our guide to feng shui symbols to enhance, invite, and attract career success.

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    Your Desk

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    Your desk symbolizes your career, so make sure you have one in your workspace! Ideally, you want a solid, stable desk to support and ground. Always have the best desk you can afford, one that you love and works well for you.

    The color brown is also connected to the earth element, so a brown wood desk can be especially supportive. Glass desktops are stylish, but working on a transparent surface can mean that ideas and opportunities can fall through and get lost.

    You also want a desk chair with a high back, because it provides more support and stability. This translates to feeling more supported in your work and career.

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    Coins of the Ten Emperors

    Ancient Chinese Copper Coins on Embroidered Cloth

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    The Coins of the Ten Emperors are a feng shui adjustment to encourage financial abundance. These coins represent the Ten Emperors during the Qing Dynasty and their imperial reserves. They symbolize abundant wealth and power, and can bring wealth and money from an upright and legitimate source. 

    You can place these behind your desk chair for support. Or it’s especially beneficial to place these coins in a visible spot near the entry of your home or workspace.

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    Thriving Plants

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    Healthy and thriving plants are symbols of success because they create strong qi, or energy, that will inspire growth and success in your work life. 

    Be sure to have some living green plants peppered around your desk and workspace to encourage growth and success. One of our favorites is Chinese money plant (or Pilea) with it’s coin shaped leaves. But whatever plant you choose, be mindful of choosing one that you can care for with ease and has enough light to survive. Remember, dead or dying plants are a source of unhealthy, stagnant qi.

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    12 Zodiac Animals

    12 zodiac animals on a string

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    In feng shui, we use the astrology of the Chinese zodiac animals. The 12 animals represent different types of personalities and energies that we encounter. When all the animals are strung together, it symbolizes successful and harmonious relationships. Try hanging the 12 zodiac animals in your office to promote successful relationships and invite benefactors.

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    Water Element

    big wave artwork

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    Water element is a symbol of abundance and social connections. Both of these are aspects of career success. If you have water imagery or water element objects near your desk, it symbolizes the flow of wealth and people in your career. Ideally, if it’s something like a water fountain, you want the water to be moving towards rather than away from you.

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    Frame Your Credentials

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    If you have diplomas, certificates, or degrees, show them off! Rather than storing them away in a closet, frame them and display them in your home or office to support and boost your career. It’s also helpful to display pictures of your mentors who’ve shared their wisdom with you. Having images of your teachers and mentors represents you continuing in their path of success.

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    Beach house mantle with a model ship

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    A ship can represent wealth and success coming in. You can add in gold imagery to emphasize the invitation for abundant prosperity. Or you can also include some “cargo” on the ship that symbolizes career success to you. Position the ship at the entry of a home or workspace, so that it’s pointing into the home to direct the success into your home.

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    Flaming gold Chinese dragon on white background

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    The mythical dragon is a well-known symbol of power and success. The Asian dragon symbol is also kind and benevolent. They bring rain from the heavens so that life can flourish on earth. The dragon is also able to fly and connect heaven and earth. Imagery of the dragon can be placed on your desk to invoke the fierce energy of this animal into your career.

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    gold fish in a bowl

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    Goldfish are symbols of success and prosperity for a few reasons. They are the color gold and also live in water, both of which are also symbols of wealth. In addition, the mythology connected to the carp is that it has the ability to swim upstream, jump over a waterfall, and transform into a dragon. Therefore, the goldfish can be a reminder of our potential for great success.

    You don’t necessarily need an aquarium with live goldfish. You can also use images of fish to attract success into your home or workspace.