Feng Shui the Baby's Room

Treat your baby to a healthy and happy nursery with simple feng shui tips

feng shui tips baby's room
When it comes to a good feng shui baby room, be guided by your senses. Good feng shui always feels good, so start making your choices by trusting your body's responses to the environment you are creating for your baby. Troy Plota/Getty Images

Are you or someone you love expecting a baby soon? Or, maybe you have the little one already, but your baby's room is really not feeling comfortable, cozy, or practical? For a baby's room to have supportive, nourishing energy, there has to be a good feng shui flow of energy.

How do you know if a room has a good flow of energy? You can use the following feng shui tips to check the flow of chi, and you can also use your senses, of course! How does the room feel, look, smell? All your senses come into play when understanding the world of energy.
Nourishing all senses in the baby's room is especially important in order to create a good and healthy foundation for your little one. By "nourishing all senses" I mean a nursery that has a good amount of natural light, has an abundance of fresh, clean air, natural surfaces that are healthy and sensory pleasing, as well as, of course, a baby's room that works for you on a practical level.

Your baby will soon be exploring the world by awakening all her senses, so as a parent, you can use feng shui nursery tips to create a safe, healthy, and nourishing environment. Along with the basic feng shui guidelines for a healthy baby's room, also be aware of lowering the EMF levels that are potentially very harmful.
Bombarding the energy of your baby's room with all the latest electrical gadgets available on the market (often not really needed!), is contributing to challenging feng shui energy in your baby's room.
The simpler, more natural you go, the better for your baby's well-being. This applies to all details of your baby's room decor: from using a low or no-VOC wall paint to natural flooring, from the use of colors to the quality of light and the best furniture arrangement.
A good feng shui advice in creating a baby's room is to connect to your own inner child and really have fun planning the room. The energy of joy you experience while creating the room will create a joyful energy foundation for the whole space.<br/>Let the child in you go happy and wild with various creative room ideas, while your adult self is keeping an eye on the good feng shui guidelines, a smooth decor scheme and, of course, the budget!

What are the good feng shui guidelines for the baby's room? Let's explore.

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