Feng Shui Tips for Bedrooms in All Bagua Areas

Gray bedroom with bed, two end tables, two lamps, and a mirror over the bed.

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Good feng shui in any house is determined by the quality of energy in the bedroom. This may not be obvious to a person new to feng shui. It might even sound strange. Most of us tend to spend way more effort and money on decorating the living room and the kitchen rather than focusing on creating good feng shui in the bedroom.

These are certainly very important places where you spend time with family and friends, but if the bedroom is left out, the house does not have the strength it needs to support your own energy. This is an energetic principle that has little to do with the style of your ​bedroom decor, but rather with knowing how to create good feng shui in your specific bedroom.

Feng shui is all about creating good energy. The more specific you are with your feng shui knowledge, the higher the chances of creating a good feng shui bedroom, thus a good feng shui house. The need to be specific is two-fold—each house and person is different. Matching these two universes takes patience, time, and it certainly takes applying accurate feng shui info.

Lasting feng shui work is achieved only when you apply the bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your home. This info is like a roadmap; it clearly tells you the feng shui needs of each area of your house. These needs, or feng shui requirements for each bagua area, have to be taken care of properly in order to create and keep good energy in your home.

So, if you have not defined the bagua of your space, consider taking this step. Once you know the bagua of your home, you might need help with the right feng shui decorating of your specific bedroom. These tips for good feng shui in various bagua area bedrooms will help you. Along with deeper theory to help you understand the reason for specific recommendations, you will also find info on the best colors and decor items for your bedroom.

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    East Bagua Area Bedroom

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    An East bagua area bedroom is not the most difficult one to decorate in terms of creating good feng shui. You need to know certain subtle guidelines, though, which are easy to miss if you just go by the requirements of the five feng shui elements.

    Yes, working with the needs of the five elements is the main work to focus on while creating good feng shui in any area of the house. However, when it comes to the bedroom, especially an East or Southeast bedroom, there is a bit more for you to consider.

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    West Bagua Area Bedroom

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    If you have a bedroom in the West bagua area of your home, decorating it for good feng shui is easier than other bagua area bedrooms. You still need to know what works best for it, and especially how to combine the two seemingly contradictory energies you have to create—the warmth of the earth element with the crisp coldness of the metal element needed in this bagua area. You also need to know which colors to avoid in order to keep the good feng shui energy in your specific bedroom.

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    North Bagua Area Bedroom

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    A North bagua area bedroom can be quite challenging to decorate. If you just go by the needs of the governing feng shui element of this area, you can create really bad energy in your bedroom. Strengthening the governing feng shui element of each bagua area is always a priority. However, in case of a North facing bedroom, there is a bit more work for you to do. You will need to find the best way to bring strength to this area without actually using the energy of its governing feng shui element. This sounds difficult, but it is not impossible when you use these North bagua area bedroom feng shui tips.

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    South Bagua Area Bedroom

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     A bedroom in the South bagua area is one of the easiest one to decorate for good feng shui. The element of this bagua area is fire, and the element most needed in any bedroom is earth. The combination of these two elements is perfect in case of a South facing bedroom. By strengthening the fire element in this specific bedroom you automatically strengthen the earth element energy needed in most bedrooms. How much fire is too much fire for a bedroom, though? And what should you avoid in your South facing bedroom decor? Find out.