Improve the Comfort of a Basement Apartment With Feng Shui Techniques

How to create good feng shui energy in your basement apartment

feng shui basement studio
Focus on inviting good energy and be creative with your feng shui solutions, you can have a beautiful basement apartment if you put your mind (and your energy!) into it. Photo: (c) Robin Utracik

Feng shui—the ancient Chinese art and science of balancing energies in the spaces we inhabit—is particularly challenging in a basement apartment for three reasons. First, basement apartments are often lacking in natural light. Second, air circulation in a bedroom may also be less than optimal. And finally, basement apartments generally are at least partially underground. Thus, it is quite difficult to achieve the kind of balance between elemental energies in such a space. 

The specific feng shui energy quality of a basement apartment will also vary depending on what of room is located directly above you. A bathroom, a cluttered storage space, a busy home office, or even a busy kitchen can certainly contribute to a denser/busier quality of energy as compared to a basement apartment below a main entry or living room.

Despite the challenges, it is still possible to enjoy good feng shui in a basement apartment, although it does require that you put some extra effort into creating and maintaining good quality energy.

Let's explore some feng shui basics to help improve your basement apartment.

Tip #1: Improve Air Quality

Do your best to improve the quality of air in your basement apartment. You can easily achieve this with air-purifying plants (choose plants that tolerate low levels of light). You can also use good essential oils aromatherapy diffusers to cleanse the air. Of course, opening your windows as often as possible to aerate your space is a good daily habit if you live in a basement apartment.

Tip #2: Improve Light Quality

Be aware of the quality of light in your basement apartment and do whatever you can to improve it. This is especially important if your apartment gets little or no natural light. Ideally, you should have at least three layers of lighting—this type of lighting scheme will make any space feel cozy and more relaxed. Color is light, so bringing vibrant colors is essential in order to ensure your basement apartment has good feng shui energy.

Tip #3: Make Use of Art

Bring vibrant art pieces with good feng shui, or photos and other various high-energy images or sculptures to raise the energy of your basement apartment. High-energy wall murals are ideal for a basement apartment, especially the ones that feature open skies and vast, expanded natural landscapes.

Of course, your work does not end with these three basic feng shui tips. Within your basement apartment, you should also strive to create good balanced energy between each of the all important feng shui trinity—the bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

Focus on creating joy and fresh, clear energy in your apartment and you will very soon notice a shift in your own well-being. It is entirely possible to create good feng shui energy in your basement apartment if you put your mind (and your energy!) into it.