Feng Shui Tips for a Bathroom in the Bedroom Love Area

Romantic bedroom setting
altrendo images / Getty Images

In the feng shui practice of controlling and balancing energy flow, bathrooms can be challenging areas. The marital bedroom, on the other hand, is a space where we want positive sensual energy, and some people worry that a bedroom with an integrated bathroom will somehow be negatively affected by the less-than-ideal energy of the bathroom. This can happen, but it doesn't have to.

In small apartments and some bedroom suites, it's not uncommon to find a bathtub, vanity sink, or even a toilet within the confines of the bedroom space. All the more important, then, to pay diligent attention to keep the bathroom energy fresh, bright, and clean to ensure the bedroom remains full of proper loving, romantic energy. 

Maintain a Healthy Space

Despite what you might fear, it is not necessarily "bad feng shui" to have a bathroom in the bedroom love and marriage area of your home. But it does take constant effort to keep it in good shape so that the feng shui energy stays fresh there. If you pay no attention to the energy of your bathroom, then eventually the energy accumulated there may reflect in the quality of your love life.

The first and most important piece of advice is to be sure you create (and maintain!) the highest energy possible in your bathroom. This means having a bathroom that is:

  • Clean
  • Well organized
  • Full of good-quality air
  • Full of nourishing energy

This may sound very simple, but it is easy to overlook these basics in search for magical feng shui bathroom cures that will fix everything. Unfortunately, there is no such magical cure.

Strengthen the Earth Element

Since you know that your bathroom is located in the love and marriage feng shui area, you have to focus on strengthening its signature element, which is the earth element. Both fire and earth element colors are good for the love area, so you might consider painting the walls in a luscious red color (fire element) or a warm, earthy color (earth element.)

Emphasize Love Energy

In addition to strengthening the energy of the earth element in this bagua area, focus on expressing and strengthening the specific energy needed here. In the case of a bathroom in the love and marriage area, you need to emphasize the energy of love, of course. So you might, for example, hang a beautiful painting of two lovers or create an accent composition featuring two tall candles surrounded by rose quartz crystals.

Almost anything will work; the idea is to use images or items that nourish your heart with the feeling of love. At the same time, be mindful of limiting the metal, wood, and water elements in a love and marriage space that includes a bathroom. And, of course, do not display art that contains single individuals or lonely themes in a love and marriage area.

Check the Bed Location

If the bedroom shares a wall with the bathroom, and the sink, tub/shower, or toilet is up against that wall, the bed should not be positioned against the same wall. In other words, it's not good to have a bed and plumbing fixtures located on either side of the same wall. To correct this problem, simply move the bed to another wall in the bedroom. If the adjoining wall between a bedroom and bathroom does not have a toilet, sink, or tub/shower, it's OK for the bed to be up against the shared wall.