Feng Shui Tips for a Bed Close to the Bedroom Door

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This article on feng shui bed placement and bedroom solutions consists of three parts. Part III is divided into several sections with tips for various bed and bedroom challenges. You are now reading Section H of part III: Feng Shui Solutions for A Bed Close to the Bedroom Door.

Feng Shui Solutions for a Bed Close to the Bedroom Door

What's bad feng shui about a bed close to the bedroom door?

A bed close to the bedroom door is considered bad feng shui because doors usually have a strong flow or rush of incoming energy. This energy can be very unsettling and too active as compared to the energy you want close to your bed. In order to create good feng shui energy in your bedroom, you need to have the most nourishing, relaxing and sensual energy around your bed.

What do you mean by a "bed close to the bedroom door"?

A bed close to the bedroom door is a bed that is positioned either by the same wall with the door or by the wall near the door.​

How can I remedy this bad feng shui effect?

If your bedroom layout does not allow for a different positioning of your bed, you need to do your best in creating a strong protective energy around your bed. In other words, you need to create a gentle but very distinct division between the energy rushing through the bedroom door and the energy of your bed.
You can achieve this with simple decor solutions placed in between the bed and the door. Here are some examples:

  • A night table with a strong visual presence. Add a lamp with a wide shade and several other decor items on the table to further protect the energy around your bed.
  • A low row of shelving. This solution is excellent feng shui as it helps you create a cocooning energy around your bed, clearly protecting it from the door. You will have to choose wisely so that the look of the shelving unit blends well with your bedroom decor.
  • A free-standing screen. If your bedroom space does not allow for other solutions, you can always go for a free-standing screen that looks well in your bedroom.

Basically, any creative and bedroom-appropriate solution will work well as a feng shui cure for a bed close to the door. As long as you achieve your goal--to protect the bed from the rush of energy coming through the door--and the decor solution is to your liking, know that you are doing a good job.

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