Feng Shui for a Bed Placed Against a Wall

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A bed with access from only one side limits the flow of energy to your bed. While it looks like all is quiet and you are sleeping, your body is busy doing a lot of work and is looking to use all the energy it can to improve your health. When the flow of energy to your bed is restricted, your body does not receive the optimum help it needs. In addition, if you are in an intimate love relationship, having a bed with access from only one side can limit the open flow of communication between partners.​

What is Meant by Access from One Side?

A bed with access from only one side means a bed that you can approach only from one side, as, for example, in a case when the bed is placed against the wall.​

Feng Shui Remedies

Even with the most restricting, or limiting space conditions, you can still position the bed so that it has breathing room on both sides. You may not have space for two typical nightstands, but you can still treat both sides of the bed equally by improvising a similar "nightstand" energy on both sides.

You can use two small plant stands as night tables (and even place a candle or two on each side!) or two tall stacks of books to create the same feeling. Use your imagination and create an "equal opportunity" bed even when it seems this is impossible.

Although the rule of a feng shui balanced bed is especially important for couples, do not neglect it if you are living alone and are not looking for a partner. Your body still needs a good, fresh flow of energy to both sides of the bed. Feng shui-wise, in restricting the flow of fresh energy to your bed you ultimately restrict the flow of fresh energy into your life.