7 Feng Shui Tips for a Good House Floor Plan

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    7 Feng Shui Tips

    Is the floor plan of your house or office a good feng shui floor plan? What makes a good feng shui floor plan and how can you make the best with what you have? Are there better and worse house floor plans? If you are in the process of building or renovating a house, you are in luck, as these tips will save you much energy, time, and money. And, if you are looking to rent or buy a new home, you will know what to look for, as well as what to avoid! 

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    Front Door and Main Entrance/Foyer

    Good Feng Shui Floor Plan
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    In smart feng shui house floor plans, the front/main door will not be directly aligned with another door or a big window. The front door will also not be facing the closet doors, the bathroom door or a wall within less than a couple feet from it. 

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    Doors and Windows

    Feng Shui Floor Plan Doors Windows
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    The shape, placement, feng shui location (bagua area), and overall energy of doors and windows in any given floor plan are all very important for a good feng shui flow of energy. Simply speaking, the relationship between doors and windows defines the flow of energy, because the function of doors and windows is to channel light and energy.  

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    Bedroom Location and Design

    Feng Shui Bedroom
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    A good feng shui bedroom is undoubtedly one of the main factors that make a good feng shui house. Unfortunately, way too many houses have been created on a poor feng shui blueprint/floor plan. 

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    Feng Shui Kitchen Location
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    The location, design, and feng shui basics of your kitchen are all considered very important in a good feng shui floor plan. In fact, your kitchen is part of the so-called "feng shui trinity"--the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen--because of its utmost importance for your health and well-being.

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    feng shui staircase tips
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    Staircases have a challenging "status" in feng shui. Almost as bad as the bathroom, but not quite as bad. Knowing that staircases have a challenging feng shui energy, are there better and worse areas in your home to have a staircase? Yes, of course.

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    Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, and Closets

    The laundry room, as well as the closets and storage areas, are also considered challenging because of the stagnant, heavy and cluttered/neglected energy they most often carry. This certainly does not apply to all homes; we sure have seen beautiful, well taken care of closets, laundry rooms, and storage areas, but they were usually an exception to the rule.

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    Social Areas

    The design of social areas in a good feng shui floor plan is last on the list because most houses usually have at least one area that is well suited for social interaction. If anything, many houses have very well-designed social areas and poorly designed areas that relate to one's more personal/intimate aspect of life.