7 Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Home

Feng shui in a happy home
Eric Audras/Getty Images

We tend to do a lot of de-cluttering and cleaning at the beginning of spring to bring in fresh feng shui energy. It comes as a given. However, if you can make a habit of applying the feng shui spring cleaning concepts to your environment in any season, the quality of your life will considerably improve and your heart will feel healthier and happier.
The #1 need expressed by my feng shui clients (either consciously or unconsciously), is the need for more love in their lives. It may be categorized as the need to "improve personal relationships", or "have a better social life", or "family harmony", but it all comes down to the feeling of being loved, appreciated, and accepted for who we are. Your home, being your second skin, is a very powerful (and crucial) feng shui ally in this quest.
Relationships are difficult to keep fresh and alive. While a new relationship is full of excitement and fresh energy, the one you have been in for a while may become a bit boring and stagnant.
No matter you are in a relationship that is going into its second year or its second decade, here are 7 basic feng shui tips to help you keep it fresh, beautiful and alive.<br/>1. FOCUS on bringing fresh energy into your space - fresh flowers, fresh air, fresh fruits on the kitchen table, fresh (recent) photos, etc.
2. MOVE your furniture around, even if just a couple inches. Do not keep your bed in the same position year after year. Just moving your bed an inch or two will shift the flow of energy in the room.
3. KEEP the television out of the bedroom.
4. CLOSE the bathroom and closet doors in your bedrooms. Keep them clean and clutter free.
5. FILL your space with beautiful music according to mood - sounds, just like colors, are strong expressions of energy.
6. DISPLAY photos of you and your partner/family enjoying life.
7. RESPECT each other's boundaries and create space and time where each partner/family member can be by him or herself.
Feng shui is a great way to redirect the old energy and create a new flow in order to enhance important aspects of one's life. And what can be more healing for the heart than to live a life filled with passion, purpose, and abundance?