3 Feng Shui Tips for A Home Center in A Wall

Do you have a wall in the center of your home?

feng shui heart center home tips
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The center of any space is very important in feng shui for obvious reasons -- it is the meeting place of a variety of energies, as well as the originating point for the quality of energy experienced in any space. There are 8 bagua areas in feng shui, each "responsible" for a specific area of your life, such as love life, career, health, etc.

It is important to treat all the bagua areas of your home very well and to take care of their energy on a continuous basis. However, even more important is to be sure that the heart of your home is well loved, well treated and has a vibrant, high-quality energy to it. 

If the center, or the heart of the home -- also called the yin-yang point -- is in a difficult energy state, all other bagua areas will be depleted, too, as they are much dependant on the quality of energy in the heart of the home. A happy heart will spread strong energy and nourishment throughout the whole home, while a sad, constricted heart will not be able to support the energy necessary for a healthy, happy home.

If you have not defined the heart of your home, this short video will help you do just that. However, if your floor plan has a very simple shape, such as a square or rectangular, there is no need to watch the video, just find the center of the floor plan shape and you have located the heart of the home.

You might be surprised to find that the center of your home is in an inauspicious location such as a bathroom, or a wall, or maybe a closet. Do not be upset if this is so, just know that there are always good feng shui solutions to help you create better energy.

We have many tips to help you deal with challenging locations of the heart of a home, here let's focus on good feng shui solutions for a heart of the home located in a wall.

The first thing to understand is that the heart, or the center of the home, is not a point in space, but rather a radiating, pulsating energy vortex. Its strength depends on many factors, and here are the 3 main tips you need to master in order to open and "liberate" the heart of your home.

TIP #1. Move any heavy furniture, decor, any other obstructions from the wall where the heart of your home/the center of your space is located. You need to create as much free and open space as possible around this very important wall.

TIP #2. Make sure the wall is well taken care of (no chips, scratches, etc), repaint the wall, if needed, with a fresh coat of paint. You might even choose a paint color of either the Earth element (earthy and sandy colors), or the Fire feng shui element (red, coral, orange, yellow, etc) as both these elements have a very nurturing energy for the heart of the home.

TIP #3. Create a focal point with the energy of beauty and love by bringing images or decor items that most speak to your heart of love and happiness. This can be a big art, a display of various photos, a sculpture, a beautiful silk wall hanging etc. Explore a variety of modern feng shui decor solutions for this very important wall, but be sure to avoid (in strong proportions) the expressions of Metal and Wood element here. In simple terms, this means to avoid a strong presence of decor items made from metal or wood, as well as colors white, green or brown (in big proportions).