Feng Shui Tips for A North Facing Bedroom

couple in the bedroom
Samantha Carrirolo/Getty Images

In order to create a more harmonious energy at home, you need to strengthen the feng shui elements needed in specific Bagua areas.

For example, you would bring plants (Wood feng shui element) and a water feature (Water feng shui element) in the East area of your Bagua to strengthen the energy needed to maintain good health and family harmony.

If you have a bedroom in the North, you might have to go for more complex, or subtle feng shui decorating ideas. A bedroom in the North feng shui bagua area often presents a challenge as the feng shui element needed in the North - the Water feng shui element - needs to be restricted in a good feng shui bedroom.

Feng Shui Tips

  1. Bring black and white artwork into your bedroom and place it in a visually pleasing arrangement. Be sure the images are appropriate, feng shui-wise, for the bedroom. Black is color of the Water feng shui element and white is the color of the Metal feng shui element; both elements and colors are very nourishing for the North feng shui bagua area.
  2. Go for predominantly white/cream/soft grey colors in your bedroom with some subtle warm Earth, Wood and Fire feng shui elements decor accents. For example, you can sure have warm red or chocolate brown pillows, but not red or chocolate brown color paint on the wall.
    You need to avoid strong Earth, Fire and Wood elements in a North facing bedroom. The Earth, Fire and Wood feng shui elements will weaken the energy of the Water feng shui element needed in your North facing bedroom.
  3. Position a beautiful mirror to reflect more light coming into the bedroom. Be sure the mirror does not face the bed or the bedroom entrance. Go for a round metal feng shui element shape or slightly oval mirror. A well-positioned mirror will strengthen the needed Water feng shui element in the North area without draining good energy from your bedroom.
  4. Avoid the following shapes in your North facing bedroom: square (Earth feng shui element shape), rectangular (Wood feng shui element) or triangular (Fire feng shui element). This applies to your furniture, such as the bed and bed headboard, side tables, dresser, as well as your bedroom textures, bed linens, and fabric. 

As mentioned before, the colors, as well as shapes of the Earth, Fire and Wood feng shui elements weaken the energy of the water element needed in your North facing bedroom.

You can go further and find many creative solutions to any feng shui dilemma you are facing, just be sure you understand well the interplay of the five feng shui elements. Armed with this knowledge, you are sure to bring good energy into your home!