Feng Shui Tips for A Soulful Kitchen

Tips for really good feng shui in your kitchen

feng shui tips for kitchen
Michael Blann/Getty Images

Feng shui in the kitchen is a fascinating topic with almost never-ending options and possibilities in creating good energy in this special area of your home. Of course, in feng shui-ing your kitchen you always start with the basics - clean, clutter clear, follow the logical flow - and then move on to a bit more advanced feng shui levels.

However, what I keep noticing in my feng shui practice is many kitchens with a predominant energy of coldness. Kitchens that visually look absolutely gorgeous and shine with the latest appliances, but have a very distinct feng shui energy of coldness.

It is very sad if you think about it, as your kitchen is the last place in your home where you would want cold energy.

Actually, no place in your home wants cold energy. Not really, (other than your fridge, of course!) Fire and nourishment are the keywords for a good feng shui kitchen, and soulfulness and warmth are the absolute components to make it work.

Ancient people considered kitchen to be the heart of the home and the keeper of the soul of the space. In many areas, images of special gods/deities are placed in the kitchen and asked to look over the well-being of the family. In feng shui, there is even a deity called the Kitchen God that is much feared amd respected (in traditional feng shui applications).

Now, we kind of think the same about the kitchen. But mostly in terms of "must-have" latest appliances, gadgets and a seamless look - one might wonder from looking at many home decor magazines if this is a kitchen or a clinical room. We have lost the feeling of the soul of the home and the magic that is created in the kitchen.

If we are to get in touch with it again, to invite it back into our homes and our lives - feng shui wisdom suggest you spend some time re-creating your kitchen. Ask yourself how does your kitchen feel, not only how it looks. How does your kitchen smell? What is it telling you in the morning? And at night?

Experiment with many easy feng shui ways to shift the energy in your kitchen - be it with better lighting, warmer colors or mouth-watering kitchen art. Bring some fresh herbs into your kitchen, display fresh fruits, water bottles, etc, make your kitchen alive with energy.

Use feng shui kitchen tips to invite the energy of soulful nourishment and joy back into your home. Explore the use of colors, shapes, scents, etc, explore and play with them in a creative way. It is your kitchen and it is deeply connected to the quality of your health and your overall well-being.

After all, a home without a soul is not a home, really. Just a structure waiting for more, waiting for a bigger purpose to be revealed. Help your home find that soulful purpose. You will be the one to greatly benefit from it.