3 Feng Shui Tips for a Staircase in the Center of Home

feng shui tips staircase center home
Martin Barraud/Getty Images

If you have a staircase in the center of your home or office―no matter the design, materials, and colors―you might want to look into applying specific feng shui cures in order to balance its energy. As a general rule, a staircase in the center is not good feng shui and needs a bit of care and attention.

When working on creating good feng shui in your home, always choose cures that work with your home decor, cures that make sense both visually and logically (yes, feng shui can be very logical!) Do not go for feng  shui cures you do not like or do not understand the way they work, as they will most probably not work for you.

So, if you have a staircase in the center of your home (or office), there are the 3 steps you need to master. Experiment, move things around, see how the changes look and feel, and do not stop until things feel just right!

Here Are 3 Feng Shui Steps to Improve the Energy of a Center Staircase

1. Find the best ways―the most efficient and most suitable ways for the design style of your space―to ground the energy of your center staircase. From vibrant plants to art, rugs or good lighting, experiment and see what makes a difference and brings stability and peace to this area. For best results, work with the Earth and Fire feng shui elements, as the element of the center bagua area is Earth (and Earth is nourished by Fire). Avoid a strong presence of metal and wood elements in your center area decor.

2. Check to be sure the energy around the staircase is stable and with a clear, good Chi flow. What do we mean by these seemingly strange words? We mean to be sure there is the energy of stability around your staircase, as well as a smooth Chi flow. Things to watch for are many doors too close to the staircase, a bathroom door or the door to the garage, or big furniture pieces placed close to the staircase and blocking the energy flow. So, watch for energy that moves either too fast (many doors) or is blocked and has little movement (blocked furniture, low bathroom vibes). With energy that is moving too fast, you want to create strategical focal points to slow the energy down and redirect it. With stagnant energy, you want to refresh it and reposition the furniture for better flow.

3. As the center is the heart of the home, be especially mindful to bring only feng shui cures that truly speak to your heart (and work as good feng shui grounding cures as emphasized in step #1). Examples of happy, heartwarming decor solutions that can work as excellent feng shui cures for a staircase in the center of the home are vibrant, happy family photos from your most memorable vacations, pictures of your family that are especially enchanting and dear to your heart, quotes, and images that inspire you, etc.

Even though a staircase in the center of any space is most certainly a feng shui challenge, be sure this does not mean you cannot change and balance its energy with good feng shui solutions. Keep experimenting, keep changing and paying attention. You will not only improve the energy in your home but also learn a lot about feng shui energy along the way!