Feng Shui Tips for a Strong Front Door

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    Is Your Door a Good Feng Shui Door?

    House front door
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    The front door, or the main door, is very important in feng shui, no matter we are speaking of the front door of a home or the front door of a business. In feng shui, the house gets its Chi, or energy nourishment, through the front door, so the stronger, healthier and more balanced the front door is, the stronger and better the quality of energy available for those who live in the house. So, how does a strong feng shui front door look and feel like? And, more importantly, how can you add...MORE strength to your house door?

    Here are 5 features that define a strong front door with good feng shui.

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    Open Flow of Energy

    strong feng shui front door
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    An unobstructed, open flow of energy to the front door. This means there are no recycling bins, cracked old pots with dead plants or any other items blocking the flow of feng shui energy to your front door. Keep it clean, fresh and flowing, this is always the best feng shui. The most auspicious feng shui flow of energy to the front door is a smooth and meandering path resembling water flow and not the direct sharp pathway that is so common in modern houses.

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    A Well Cared for Front Door

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    A front door that is well-cared for. A front door that opens widely without squeaking, a front door that has good looking door hardware and paint. No odd looking, unused nails around the door frame, no rusty doorknobs, no worn out Christmas wreaths in June... you get the idea. Show consistent loving to your front door and it will help you attract the same quality of energy into your home.

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    Color In Harmony with Direction

    Green front door
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    A front door color in harmony with the feng shui element of the door direction. The direction of the front door is very important in feng shui, so in order to harness the best energy, it is advisable to choose a feng shui color that is in harmony with the element of its direction.

    For example, if your front door is facing East (Wood element), then the best colors for your door are green, brown, blue and black. The worst colors would be red, purple and orange.

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    Smooth Main Entry

    House entryway
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    A strong feng shui front door opens up to a smooth flow of energy in the main entry. The efforts of attracting the best feng shui energy to your house will be wasted if your main entry does not have good feng shui. You need to channel the good feng shui energy throughout your house, and it all starts in your main entry.

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    Right Proportions

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    A front door has a good relationship with the house structure. A strong feng shui front door is a door that has good proportions in comparison to the house as a whole. This simple point is often forgotten during home renovations, so you can often see two or three story houses with tiny front doors. This might have been enough when the house was a small, one-story structure, but with the bigger house, you need a bigger front door. 

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    Balance and Harmony

    House entrance balance
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    Feng shui is all about balance and harmony, so be sure you check the energy of your front door often to assure good feng shui Chi flowing into your house. This is how all the goodness finds its way into your house (and into your life).

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