How to Have Good Feng Shui When Your House Is at a T-Junction

t junction house

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One of the most well-known so-called bad feng shui situations is having your house at a T-junction (or T-intersection). Although it’s not the most ideal situation, there are still ways that you can improve the situation. Learn about what a T-junction is, why and how it affects your feng shui, and how you can protect yourself if you can't relocate.

What Is a T-Junction?

A T-junction is a situation where there are two streets that meet in a T shape. Typically, it’s a smaller road that meets a busier one, and they meet at a perpendicular intersection. If your house is at the top of the T, then you have a T-junction home. Another way to think of it is when your house is located so that the headlights of cars shine straight at your home, like the eyes of a dragon.

How Does a T-Junction Affect Your Feng Shui?

Is there a neighborhood site that comes to mind that is on a T-junction? More often than not, we can all think of one, and activities at that site have a history of not doing well.

In feng shui we observe how qi, or life force energy, flows in, around, and through our spaces. When your home is located at the top intersection of the T-junction, the qi is moving very quickly and colliding into your home. This can be dangerous and fast-moving energy that causes difficulty in your life.

aerial view of a T-intersection in a residential neighborhood

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T-Junction Considerations

There are a few things to consider if your home does happen to be right at the top of that T-junction. Not all homes will have their energy affected; it really depends on the situation. If you’re worried, definitely consult with a qualified feng shui practitioner who will be able to access and advise on your particular situation.

Speed and Activity of the Traffic

How fast is the traffic on the street that is coming toward the T-junction home? If it’s a super quiet, minor side street, it’s not as bad. The more traffic there is, the more fast-moving qi will be directed at the home.

Direction of the Traffic

If the street is one way, and the flow of cars are moving away from your home, the house is okay. This is not a problematic situation.

Slope of the Street

The effect of a T-junction also varies if there is a slope to the street that is directed at the home. In general, if the street is sloping down at that T-junction house, then it adds more momentum to the fast-moving qi, making it more challenging.

Location of the Home

The closer the house is to the intersection, the more difficult the qi. However, sometimes the main or occupied part of the home may be off to the side of the T-junction, or very far back on the lot. Also, if the home is above grade, sometimes the qi is not actually directed at the house. These situations will improve the challenging energy of the T-junction.

T Intersection Sign On Grassy Field By Dirt Road Against Blue Sky

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Tips to Correct a T-Junction Home

There are several ways to correct a T-junction home. Ideally, if the energy is especially difficult, it’s best to move. But if that’s not an option, see our tips below.

Wood Element

You can use robust landscaping of trees and shrubs to create a protective energetic barrier for the home. It’s better to have stronger greenery here so it can hold up to the energy of the road and traffic.

Earth Element

Large boulders, rocks, or even a statue or sculpture can provide stability and protect the home from the rushing qi of the T-junction. Make sure the earth element feature is stable, substantial, and has weight to it.

Bagua Mirror

A bagua mirror is a small mirror with an octagon-shaped frame around it. It also has the eight trigrams symbols decorating the perimeter. This can be placed facing the intersection or on top of the front door of the home to deflect the challenging energy from the street traffic.

Interior Protections

If you are not able to improve the exterior of the home, you can also use the wood or earth element suggestions above inside the home. Do your best to locate the protection adjustments where the front of the home meets the T-junction.