Feng Shui Tips For a Triangular House and Lot

Triangular house
Richard Powers/ArcaidImages / Getty Images

A triangular house or a triangular shaped lot is not ideal feng shui. To help you understand why this is considered to be challenging feng shui, try this experiment - imagine yourself in the center of a triangle. How do you feel, where does your energy tend to be pulled? Do not make it complicated, just try to feel it, as feng shui is all about working with energy.

If you relax and try this exercise, you will feel that your energy tends to be pulled in all three directions, and there is no rest or relaxation inside a triangle shape. As good feng shui is about creating spaces - be it homes or offices - that have nourishing energy, a triangle shape is considered challenging for this exact reason; there is no rest or nourishment within the triangle dynamics.

Another reason for challenging feng shui of a triangular shape house or lot is the fact that the triangular shape is the shape of the feng shui element of fire, which is not very desirable for a house.

The best feng shui shapes for a lot, house or office are squares or rectangles, because these shapes allow for feng shui energy to settle in. You can also compare the energy dynamics of a triangular shape house or lot with the energy dynamic between three people, no matter what gender or relationship they have. It is a bit too active, too busy on an energy level, the energy is bouncing back and forth without being able to settle in. However, bring a fourth person to this equation, and things calm down. The energy gets grounded (in a good way!).

This is exactly what you have to do in order to calm and balance the challenging feng shui energy of a triangular shape house or lot; you need to bring a fourth anchor that will calm the energy and make it more solid. This is easier said than done, depending on your specific circumstances. However, if you are really determined to create better feng shui, here are some general feng shui tips that can help you. Be creative and see how you can apply them in your home and on your lot.

Improving Feng Shui Energy in a Triangular House

Locate the best spot for the fourth, anchoring point in your house, as well as your lot. This can be a specific area that has the space to ground the energy, as well as keep it strong. For example, you might have an open space in your living room or your dec, that is able to hold strong energy, meaning you can place a heavy item there and create a strong focal point. A heavy item as a strong focal point can be anything from a large painting or sculpture to a heavy coffee table. The same applies to your lot; place a heavy rock (or several rocks), have a tall garden light or a tall fountain, whatever works best for better feng shui in that specific area.

Use circular shape decor items as feng shui cures to balance the house energy. For example, you can use a tall lamp with a circular shape lampshade in any (or all) of the three corners, or a fountain with a round base. A tall plant with lush soft energy, such as the areca palm, for example, will surely soften the energy, too. Be sure to take into consideration the feng shui element of the decor items you are placing in specific feng shui bagua areas.

Do your absolute best with the bagua of your house. Always keep an eye on the good feng shui of your home. Define the bagua of your house and do your best to strengthen it and give each bagua area what it needs. Be sure there is good energy flow in your house, you have a strong front door, your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, the so-called feng shui trinity, is well taken care of, etc. Be sure your house has good backing, and be sure the heart of your home is open and strong.

If you find that a specific area of your life is particularly affected, focus on strengthening the energy of the related bagua area. For example, if you feel your relationships are under strain, focus on your love & relationships feng shui bagua area and see what can be improved. If your financial situation has become more challenging since you moved into the house, create excellent feng shui in your money area and always keep it fresh and flowing.

As you can see, the feng shui solutions are simple. Simple, but definitely not easy. If your will is strong and you are determined to change the quality of energy and bring more harmony and balance, the feng shui tips above will help you.