Feng Shui Tips for All the Bagua Areas of Your Home

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Feng shui can bring positive changes to your life when you know the bagua, or feng shui energy map, of your home. In feng shui, each area of your home is connected to a specific aspect of your life, including your relationships, career, and health. Once you have defined your bagua, you can begin to improve each area and draw in good feng shui energy.

North Bagua Area: Career and Path in Life

The feng shui element connected to the north bagua area is water, and the colors associated with it are black and blue. So bring cures that either are of the water element or of metal, which nourishes water. It’s also recommended to reflect the energy desired in your career. Some decor options include a round mirror with a metal frame, black-and-white images of professionals you admire, or a small fountain or other water feature. A shade of blue is ideal for the wall color.

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Northeast Bagua Area: Spirituality and Personal Growth

The element of the northeast bagua area is earth, and its colors are beige and light yellow. So use decor with strong earth energy, along with earth-nourishing fire. One good option is artwork of various landscapes—especially mountains, which tend to feature lots of earth tones. You also can display art and other decorations that really speak to you on a personal level, which can help you connect to your spirituality. Any sandy or beige color works well on the walls in this area, though you also could use a fire color, such as red or orange.

East Bagua Area: Health and Family

Use the wood element, along with greens and browns, in the decor of your east bagua area. You also can choose nourishing decor of the earth and water elements, but avoid a strong fire or metal presence. A mirror or picture with a wood frame can help to strengthen the space’s energy. Plants also bring in the wood and earth elements. And art that evokes health or family is an ideal choice for the area.

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Southeast Bagua Area: Wealth and Abundance

Bring the wood element, as well as wood-nourishing water and earth, into the design of your southeast bagua area. Because this area is connected to the flow of wealth and abundance, aim to represent the energy of prosperity in your feng shui cures. Some options include a gold-framed mirror (water), an image of a lush landscape (wood), or fabrics in warm brown tones (earth).

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South Bagua Area: Fame and Reputation

Fire is the element linked to the south bagua area, along with red, orange, purple, pink, and bright yellow. This is the area that either strengthens or weakens your public image, so it’s important to activate it. Display art that you feel represents what you want to be known for, but make sure its dominant tones are fire (or wood) colors. Abstract images with fire colors can be a good choice. Plus, a fireplace or candles can bring excellent feng shui energy to the area.

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Southwest Bagua Area: Love and Marriage

Earth is the feng shui element of the southwest bagua area. Because this area is connected to the energy of relationships, love, and marriage, be mindful about the symbols you use. Choose items you feel represent love and trust. Decorating with pairs of items, such as two candlesticks, is a good choice. In addition, a popular feng shui cure for the love area is a nature scene with two ducks.

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West Bagua Area: Creativity and Children

Metal, along with white and gray, should be employed in the west bagua area. The feng shui cures in this area should reflect energy that supports your creative endeavors and any children. To attract the best quality energy, choose artwork and decor with metal features, such as gates or railings. Also, showcase images that you feel are creative, though you should avoid strong fire and water colors. And display photos of any children in your life that depict joyful, creative moments.

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Northwest Bagua Area: Helpful People and Blessings

Metal also is the feng shui element connected to the northwest bagua area. As this area nourishes the energy of helpful people in your life, be sure to express the feeling of gratitude in your decor. You can do this by displaying photos of people who have helped you grow in life. Or you can find more abstract pieces that remind you of your gratitude. Metal frames or sculptures are a good option. Or you can decorate with earth element items, such as clay pots and crystals, which nourish metal.

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