25 Feng Shui Tips for House Protection

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    Protect Your House with Smart Feng Shui

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    If you feel like your house can benefit from additional protection, feng shui might be able to help. Not all feng shui cures have an exotic, oriental look, so most of the time you can choose a cure that looks appropriate for your taste, as well as the period style of your home.

    Let's start with: A Strong Feng Shui Front Door

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    Strong Front Door

    strong feng shui front door
    A strong feng shui front door is a door that has good proportions in comparison to the house as a whole. This simple point is often forgotten during home renovations, so you can often see two or three story houses with tiny front doors. Ivan Hunter/Getty Images

    Best protection starts with prevention, this is where a strong, solid and balanced front door is very important for the energy health of your home. Find out what makes a strong feng shui front door and how can you transform your own front door into a strong and powerful one.

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    Solid House Backing

    feng shui house backing

    Everybody does better with good, strong support. "I have your back" is one of the nicest things to hear, isn't it? Just like you need to have your back covered, so to speak, the same applies to your house. Living in a house with strong backing makes your feel stronger and supported, that's for sure. Find out what it means to have good and solid feng shui backing.

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    Smart Feng Shui Garden Design

    feng shui house front
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    A good feng shui garden is more than just a beautiful, relaxing space. The smart use of feng shui principles in your garden will create a strong protective energy for your house, nourishing it with vibrant energy and cocooning it in sweet protection. 

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    Cures for Bad Neighbours' Energy

    feng shui bad neighbours
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    If you find yourself in a challenging situation where there is constant low energy reaching your house from neighbours, there are several things feng shui can help you with. 

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    Tortoise As Protection Cure

    feng shui turtle
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    The turtle, or tortoise is a classical feng shui cure for strength and protection. If you like the energy of the turtle, there are numerous ways you can benefit from it in your home or garden. 

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    Uplifting, Happy Energy

    feng shui happy home
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    The stronger and happier the energy in your home, the less power any negative energy will have on your house. Cultivating happy energy in your home might be your best protection cure. 

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    The Dragon Symbol

    feng shui dragon
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    The feng shui dragon is a powerful and auspicious traditional feng shui cure and an excellent feng shui symbol of strong yang/male energy. Read more

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    Crystals and Stones

    (c) fiddlersridgecrystals.com

    Natural stones and crystals can help with so many feng shui tasks, not the last of them being protection. Explore the different properties of various crystals and stones and choose the ones that are right for you and your home. Read more

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    The Bagua Mirror

    feng shui bagua mirror
    sunygraphics/Getty Images

    One of the most popular, or well known feng shui protection cure - the famed bagua mirror - is the one to use with caution. Read all about the bagua mirror and see which one you should use (if you decide you need one). Read more

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    Tall Wind Chime

    feng shui wind chime
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    A high quality, tall metal wind chime can provide strength and protection for your home, especially if placed in the right bagua area of your house ( one that is nurtured by the metal feng shui element). Ideally you want to place the wind chime outside, not inside your home. Read more

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    Fu Dogs

    feng shui fu dogs
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    You must have seen the Fu Dogs, or Imperial Guardian Lions at the entrance of many Asian businesses - be they a bank building or a travel office.  Usually displayed as a couple, they are believed to bring strong protection and blessings of wealth. If you like their energy and feel that they will go well with your home, you can display the Fu Dogs close to your front door (they do not have to be big in order to work). Read more

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    Elephant Symbol

    feng shui elephant symbol
    David Tsai/EyeEm/Getty

    The feng shui applications of the energy of the elephant symbol are many - from protection to wisdom to fertility. If the energy of the elephant symbol speaks to you, sure go for this beautiful and strong protection feng shui cure for your home. Read more

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    Water Feature

    feng shui water feature
    J Paul More/Getty Images

    In most cultures it is considered auspicious to have a water feature close to the house. Water brings the energy of renewal, fertility, abundance; it clears and purifies all low energy. Water also protects from bad energies; you might have heard the expression "bad spirits cannot cross water" - which actually has quite a bit of truth in it. Read more

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    Buddha Statue

    buddha mudra
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    While there are many different Buddha statues and Buddha mudras you can choose from to bring good energy into your home, the most effective feng shui cure for protection is the "No fear" - Abhaya Buddha Mudra. If you can find a big enough statue for the front garden of your home, or anywhere near the main entrace, this will certainly create strong protective energy. Read more

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    The Right Front Door Color

    feng shui front door colors
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    The right feng shui choice of a front door color will bring strong energy to your whole house, while the wrong choice will weaken the energy.  In order to find the best color choice for your front door, you need to know its facing direction. Read more

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    Mystic Knot Design

    mystic knot feng shui
    Kathy Konkle/Getty Images

    The Mystic Knot is one of the most often used symbols in feng shui. Being a combination of six times the infinity symbol, this feng shui knot symbolizes a long and happy life full of good fortune. It is also a powerful feng shui protection symbol.Read more

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    Bright Lights on Your House Numbers

    feng shui house numbers
    Denise Panyik Dale/Getty

    Having intelligent lighting outside your house is not only a beautifying feature;  it is also a strong feng shui house protection cure. It is important to have your house numbers well placed and well lit. Read more

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    Sphere Shaped Objects

    feng shui use crystal ball
    Dimitri Otis/Getty Images

    The most common use of the feng shui protection power of a sphere is the witches ball that you can see in many gardens. The sphere shape can also be subtly incorporated in many modern house exteriors. A sphere with a reflective shape is the best cure, as it reflects back any potentially negative energy. Read more

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    Protecting Power of Color Red

    feng shui color red
    (c) housebeautiful.com

    Red color is the auspicious representation of the fire element, which is the energy of sun and life. A smart use of red color will bring joy, strength and protection to your home. 

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    Chi Lin/The Dragon Horse

    chi link door knocker
    (c) dragon-gate.com

    Chi Lin is a mythical Chinese creature with the head of a Dragon, the body of a Horse, and the scales of a Carp fish. Also called the Dragon Horse, or the Chinese Unicorn, Chi Lin brings strong, protective feng shui energy with blessings of good health and prosperity
    Chi Lin is very loyal to its owner and is considered to protect the house from evil spirits. 

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    Dzi Beads Design

    feng shui dzi beads
    (c) etnobutik.pl

    The image of the eye has always been a very powerful symbol in all ancient cultures. The eye is vigilant, all-seeing and protective, thus the wearer of jewelry with the eye design is somewhat protected by its vigilance. The same principle applies to a house -  incorporating (in a subtle way!) this design in your house exterior is considered to bring protection from malevolent energies. 

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    The Yin Yang Symbol

    feng shui yin yang
    Martin-Moos/Getty Images

    The yin-yang symbol has a very complex, ancient energy and mutliple uses. One of the feng shui uses of the yin yang symbol is for harmony and house protection. 

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    Strong Center of the Home

    feng shui house center
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    The center of your home is very important for keeping the overall energy in your home strong, happy and protected. Read more

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    Pi Yao Energy

    pi yao
    (c) amazon.com

    Pi Yao is one of the most protective feng shui cures with double duty - it is used for protection, as well as to attract wealth. 

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    Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

    Tiger Chinese zodiac sign luck tips
    Brian McKay Photography/Getty

    Using the imagery of your Chinese zodiac sign is believed to make your energy, as well as the energy of your house stronger and more protective.

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