Feng Shui Tips for a House with a Sloped Backyard

View Of Vertical Garden

 Valerio Gualandi / EyeEm / Getty Images

You may have heard that a backyard that slopes down away from a house is considered bad feng shui. Unfortunately, this is often the case. A sloping backyard is bad for feng shui design because it leaves the house with no supporting energy, and it allows positive energy to flow down and away from the home. The good news is that you can help remedy this situation with a fence or tall plantings and a few other simple solutions.

Back Support for Your House

Traditionally, the back of the house is the area of the Tortoise, which is one of the four celestial feng shui animals. The energy of the Tortoise is believed to provide support and stability for the house. Ancient feng shui masters considered a house to be similar in its complex functions to the human body. Just as your body is most comfortable when it has good back support—think of a comfortable armchair—your house also benefits from some kind of supportive backing. This promotes and maintains good supporting energy for people living in the house. If this supporting energy is missing or is very weak, you just have to do your best to create support.

Create a Wall

The best solution to raise the energy in your backyard and stop the energy from leaking is to build a wall that blends in with the environment. This can either be done with trees or tall shrubs, such as a row of evergreens, or the wall can simply be a tall wooden fence. The wall could also be a combination of a fence and plantings. One of the best types of supportive structures for feng shui is a vertical wall garden.

Add Lighting

Tall lights installed at the end of your sloping backyard will also help raise the positive energy in your backyard and home. Please note that this works best when used in conjunction with an organic wall. It also helps to include strong shapes and colors in the wall to maximize the effect of lights as a feng shui cures for a sloped backyard.

Enhance Your Garden

Once you have done your best to stop the leakage of energy of a sloped backyard, focus on creating good energy in the backyard area by following garden feng shui principles. Bring life, color, and a sense of stability to your backyard with smart landscaping, good feng shui products in the garden, and efficient garden lighting. The better, stronger energy you create in your sloped backyard, the more support there will be for your home, and thus for you and your family.

Sloping Near the House

The area around the house foundation must slope slightly downward and away from the house to promote natural drainage of rainwater away from the foundation. So don't go crazy with reshaping your backyard to the point that you cause water to flow toward your home! As a minimum, the first six feet of ground around a foundation should slope one inch per foot of horizontal distance. After that, the ground should slope 3/4 inch per foot.