Feng Shui Tips for Your Love and Marriage Area

Tips and Cures for Good Feng Shui Energy in the Love Area of Your Home

couple holding hands at sunset, close-up
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The life area connected to the Southwest bagua area of your home is called Love Relationships and Marriage. It is recommended to always express, at least in some of your Southwest feng shui cures, the energy desired in your ideal love relationship (if you are looking for love) or the energy that will nourish your present love relationship or marriage. The feng shui element of the Southwest bagua area is earth, so the cures you will bring into your home have to be either of the earth element or of fire, the element that nourishes earth.

Activating the Southwest Corner

Activating the Southwest corner strengthens the role of the woman--or the yin, or feminine energy--of the home, providing balance that can promote harmony in marriage and love relationships. Here are some suggested cures for the Southwest bagua area to create harmonious, balanced energy:

1. Art with a strong earth element energy. The earth element is the main element of the Southwest feng shui area. It brings stability, grounding, nourishment, and protection.

2. Art expressing the energy of love. Focus on finding art that really speaks about true and nourishing love. Be mindful about the colors in the art, and avoid dominant colors suggesting water, metal, or wood. Also avoid large mirrors, which suggest water.

3. Fire element art. Decorate with art, textiles, or even an accent wall featuring fire element colors: red, orange, pink, yellow, or purple. This can be as simple as adding a few throw pillows in fire colors, or fitting the light fixtures with red lampshades. Furniture in red or other fire color also perks up a Southwest corner.

4. Tall lights are considered a good feng shui cure to activate the fire element and expand the energy. Any size can be suitable, but make sure that the size, look, and overall design of any light fixtures work well with the design of your room and fit harmoniously with the surroundings. Also be sure to create balance on both sides of the bed. Don't place a very tall or large fixture on one side of the bed and a small or no fixture on the other side.

5. Fire or earth element items in two. These may be tall candles, decor items in fire colors, or figures with square shapes (the shape of the earth element). Be mindful of using the shape of the earth element to further strengthen the area, and remember to avoid metal, water, and wood in your feng shui Southwest area cures.

6. Paint the walls of a missing Southwest area in any of the earth or fire colors, such as earthtones or red, purple, yellow, coral, or orange. However, be mindful to also create an opening, or some perspective, in the wall of the missing/incomplete bagua area. Often this is best done with art containing images of depth or visual pathways.