8 Feng Shui Tips To Attract Wealth

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    Learn To Allow the Energy of Wealth into Your Home or Office

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    Good feng shui, affirmed old masters, does not bring you wealth if you do not strive for it, but it gives you the necessary support to seek your wealth and fortune. It helps you use various feng shui cures to create an environment -- both at home and in the office -- that will strengthen you and attract the feng shui energies of prosperity and wealth.

    There are many simple and easy feng shui money tips and products to use in your space for strong wealth energy. Classical feng shui cures such as Ch...MOREinese coins, the Dragon Turtle, the Laughing Buddha, the Money plantWealth vasesWealth ships and many others, have been used for centuries to attract wealth. You can explore the links above with details on how to use these classical feng shui wealth cures. 

    Let's look into 8 basic feng shui tips to attract Wealth Chi.

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    Create A Strong Front Door

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    Tip #1. Create a strong front door. Be sure you know how to create a strong front door, because your house needs it in order to be able to attract Wealth Chi. The front door is called the Mouth of Chi in feng shui and its strength and auspicious energy is very important for a good feng shui house. Protect your front door, if necessary, with feng shui symbols of protection, abundance, and good luck.

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    Clutter Clear Your Home

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    Tip #2. Have a clutter free space. Have your home and business free of clutter. A cluttered space can neither attract, nor keep the energy of wealth.

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    Feng Shui Your Money Area

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    Tip #3. Create good feng shui in your money area. Locate your feng shui money area and take very good care of it. If part of your wealth area is missing, or if your wealth area is in the bathroom, be sure to address it with proper feng shui cures.

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    Display Symbols of Wealth

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    Tip #4. Display wealth feng shui cures and symbols. Display feng shui symbols in your home that speak to you of wealth and abundance. You can use either classical symbols, such as the wealth ship, for example, or your own representation of wealth energy.

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    Use the Fish Symbol

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    Tip #5. Use the feng shui fish symbol.  Decorate your home or office with a feng shui aquarium to attract wealth Chi. You can also use feng shui symbols and images of specific fish for wealth.

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    Decorate with Wealth Crystals

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    Tip #6. Display feng shui for wealth crystals. Citrine crystal is long known for attracting wealth, so it is often used in feng shui wealth applications. Also a very popular feng shui wealth stone is pyrite. You can display these crystals on a feng shui gem tree in your money corner. Citrine is also known to strengthen one's self-esteem, so it can be a good choice for your jewelry.

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    Use Feng Shui Fountains

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    Tip #7. Decorate with fountains as wealth cures. Use fountains as very powerful feng shui cures to attract wealth energy and fresh Chi (or feng shui symbols representing fountains). You can also use images of flowing water such as waterfalls, oceans, rivers because water is an ancient symbol of wealth. The water images as feng shui symbols with plenty of foam and open views are especially powerful in the feng shui wealth applications.

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    Create A Good Chi Flow in Your Home

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    Tip #8. Create a strong and harmonious Chi flow. Be sure to regularly check the flow of Chi, both in your home and in your office. A fresh and strong flow of Chi, coupled with various feng shui wealth symbols, must be your goal if you are focused on attracting the energy of wealth and abundance.

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    Explore Wealth Feng Shui Cures

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    Did you know that many Asian millionaires do not sell the places where they lived or worked (if owning the business) while accumulating wealth? Knowing the feng shui power of the space, they keep them for wealth luck.

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