5 Feng Shui Tips To Help Relieve Stress

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    Tip # 1: Love Your Bedroom


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    Your bedroom is the first space to look at, feng shui-wise, if you want to relieve stress. Do you have a healthy, beautiful bedroom with good feng shui energy? Do you love your bedroom?

    If the answer is "No", you have to start working on your bedroom, because no matter how many tips to relieve stress you will try to apply in your life, none of them will work if your bedroom is not nourishing and supporting your personal energy.

    In order to...MORE relieve stress, be sure your bedroom has proper feng shui energy that helps your body renew and rejuvenate while you sleep. Be sure you have a good feng shui bed that is positioned well within the room, you are using good feng shui colours and materials, as well as good feng shui images. Be sure there is no clutter in your bedroom, especially under your bed or in your closets.

    Every little thing in your bedroom matters, because everything either adds to or helps eliminate stress. 

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    Tip # 2: See the Unseen (EMF and Earth Energies)

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    Another very important, and often overlooked factor in one's efforts to relieve stress, is the overwhelming presence of EMF pollution in most modern homes. Do you know how high is the EMF pollution in your home? Do you know what to do about it?

    The various earth energies that might be present in your home is another feng shui factor to look into if you experience constant stress. If you live in a house with geopathic stress, your health might suffer and your...MORE efforts to improve it might lead to no results until you do your best to neutralize the presence of harmful energies.

    You have to take care of both factors - the EMF pollution and the geopathic stress - if your body is to deeply relax, renew and release accumulated stress.

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    Tip # 3: Clear the Air - Literally.

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    Yogis know the secret to a long and healthy life - and it is something so simple one can easily just laugh and dismiss it. Laugh or not, the quality of air you breathe in - as well the way you breathe - is a major factor in your health and well-being, as well as your body's ability to release stress. A well-oxygenated body is a happy body.

    Does your body get to have a lot of oxygen? Indoor pollution is much worse than the outdoor one, so you need to pay...MORE attention to the quality of air your body is inhaling. Help your body relieve stress by nourishing it with good, clean air.

    The common sense solution is to open your windows to aerate your home often and/or use air purifiers, of course. Feng shui offers more solutions - the use of air purifying plants, as well as the use of pure essential oils. Try them all, your body will thank you.

    These efforts are in addition to spending time in nature, as nothing can beat the pure vibrant energy/air in a beautiful natural surrounding.

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    Tip # 4: Create A Good Feng Shui Kitchen

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    Do you feel happy when you enter your kitchen? I mean, is your body feeling really happy, not you mind. You might be thinking you spent a fortune on your kitchen, so, of course you are happy with how it looks, but your body gets no nourishment or support from a weak or even bad feng shui energy in your kitchen.

    If you want to relive stress, your body needs high quality, high-energy nourishment; create a good feng shui kitchen to support and strengthen this...MORE vital energy.

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    Tip # 5: Relax and Feng Shui Your Bathroom

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    Yes, your bathroom is very important in your efforts to relieve stress. Very important. It is the space where you start the day, often use throughout the day, as well as the space where you come to wash yourself of daily accumulations of various energies.

    In feng shui, the bathroom is part of a powerful feng shui trinity - bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom - three very important spaces for your well-being and efficient stress release.

    Learn how to create your bathroom into a spa and experience the...MORE difference this energy makes to your daily well-being.

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