Unusual Feng Shui Tips

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    Unusual Feng Shui Applications

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    Feng shui has numerous popular applications, from bedroom feng shui to the best feng shui use of color. To help you create a good feng shui house, we have tips for each room in your house, and even your basement and your garage! You can also find many tips for your office, as well as your garden.

    However, there are many other feng shui applications you might not know about. Here are just a few unusual feng shui uses; check them out and see how you can apply feng shui when you buy jewelry, feng shui your car or even need to make new friends!

    Let's start with: How To Buy Jewelry with Good Feng Shui

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    How to Feng Shui Your Car

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    If you spend quite a bit of time driving, then applying good feng shui in your car will be a priority. You can sure apply feng shui to improve the energy in your car. No matter how it sounds, feng shui is all about creating good energy, so any space that you spend time in can be feng shui-ed. Read more 

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    Smart Feng Shui Decor To Avoid Conflicts

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    If you and your loved ones have a challenging combination of birth feng shui elements -- check the feng shui chart -- the feng shui tips below should help. First, you need to understand what does it mean to have a challenging or destructive feng shui combination​ of elements. Read more

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    Feng Shui Tips to Help Make New Friends

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    If you have been trying to meet new people and make new friends but feel frustrated with your efforts, use smart feng shui to help you out. However, there aren't any magical feng shui cures out there that will instantly materialize friends for you!  Read more 

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    Feng Shui of Scents

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    We all know the power of smell when it comes to selling a house with feng shui. The "smell to sell" is a commonly accepted real estate strategy that often brings great results. In feng shui, we know that scents are very powerful, so different scents can be used for different purposes. You can transform the energies in a subtle way to achieve the desired results, as everything is energy. 

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    How To Buy Jewelry With Good Feng Shui

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    Well-designed jewelry is an excellent feng shui way to take care of your personal energy. For a piece of jewelry to work well as a feng shui cure, it does not need to have the words "feng shui" in it, but it does have to have good energy elements, such as a balanced, harmonious design, good feng shui symbols and ideally natural, untreated crystals or stones. 

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    Feng Shui of Engagement Rings

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    The history of engagement rings has seen many different stones and designs -- some of them with deep meaning and their own sophisticated language. Feng shui-wise, a traditional ring with one diamond is the best, as it speaks of "the one and only," as well as because the feng shui energy of a bigger stone is stronger than that of a group of smaller ones. 

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    Feng Shui Tips for Travel

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    Some places you might find yourself in might have very good energy, and some might have very challenging feng shui. Hopefully, you will have to spend very little time in rooms, or homes with bad feng shui. It is important to know that you affect the energy of the space as much as the energy of the space affects you.

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