Use Feng Shui to Clear Your Closet Clutter

feng shui closet clutter
Ivan Hunter/Getty Images

Most people think of closets as an "out of sight, out of mind" deal. Not true. Especially in feng shui terms, where we know that everything is energy. It is important to understand that with the feng shui energy, the "out of sight" strategy does not work. You cannot cover, conceal or pretend not to see low energy, because, in the world of feng shui energy, there are no boundaries.

Unfortunately, most homes have busy, cluttered and just plain ugly closets. If you just take a moment to think about it, once you open an ugly and messy closet and put your clothes on, you start carrying this ugly, messy energy with you. If you are working on improving the feng shui energy in your home, do not neglect your closets. Put them high on your feng shui to-do list.

If your closets are over-cluttered and busy, having the doors closed will not help you much. More than that, in feng shui, closets are connected to your innermost, your deepest, and often hidden feelings about yourself.

Think of the state of your closets as a feng shui test of your self-esteem. How healthy is your self-esteem? How clean, peaceful and beautiful is your inner world?

Open your closets and take a look. No worries, nobody is looking, it is just you and your closet. What is it telling you? If your closet is asking for some loving care, here are some easy feng shui tips.

Color and Light

If you have a walk-in closet, be sure the lighting is friendly and warm. Good quality lighting is extremely important for your well-being, be sure to pay attention to its quality in your walk-in closets. No matter big or small, walk-in or not, if your closet has not been given any attention for years, be sure to refresh your closet with a fresh coat of paint.

The color white is ideal as it opens the energy more, as well as brings the crisp quality of the metal feng shui element. Plus, you get to take all your clothes out of your closet before painting, which should make the next step much easier!

Clutter Clear

When was the last time you clutter cleared your closets? You know, when you open your closet, look at an item and think: "Wow, last time I wore this skirt was... when was it? ... Oh, yes, at Garry's wedding!" But if Garry's wedding was 15 years ago, what is this skirt doing in your closet? Find time for several clutter clearing sessions and leave only items you actually wear and love.


A quick trip to IKEA will arm you with all you need for an organized closet. From baskets to boxes and everything in between, you need to have a clear system as to what goes where. And for how long. Keep your closet up with the seasons and have a clear system of dealing with seasonal clothing.


Yes, beautify. This means treating yourself nicely and respectfully and creating a sense of beauty in your closets. Be it a small photo that brings happy memories, some feng shui crystals or well-displayed pieces of jewelry, beauty is the most healing energy and should be everywhere around you.

Easy, isn't it? Easy and simple. Watch for profound changes coming along as you start treating your home, especially your closets, with proper respect. Ultimately, the respect you show your home speaks of the respect you have for yourself.