Annual 2017 Feng Shui Updates for the Western/BTB Bagua

Should you apply the 2017 feng shui updates with the Western bagua?

annual feng shui updates
Tom Merton/Getty Images

The topic of the annual feng shui updates is very popular. I receive emails about it as early as November, a couple months before the updates are implemented. If you are new to this, here is some information for you to explore:

In a nutshell, the annual feng shui updates are based on the calculations of one of the classical schools of feng shui - called the flying star school. This school calculates the movement of the so-called good and bad energies (stars) every year. A new year in feng shui is based on the Chinese calendar, so it never starts on January 1. 

In 2017, the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) starts on January 28, 2017. The feng shui cures are usually placed by February 4, 2017 (Solar New Year). Now you see why November feels a bit too early to worry about it!

Each year I write extensive info on the annual feng shui updates with specific feng shui tips and suggestion of feng shui cures to either neutralize the potentially negative energy or strengthen the auspicious one. So, if your feng shui work - be it in the home or in the office - is based on the classical bagua, then there is plenty of pretty straightforward and easy to apply info.

Now, what if you work with the Western feng shui bagua but also want to apply the annual updates (which are based on the Classical school)? Is it possible? Is it necessary? Is it wise?

The quick answer is "not necessary, not very wise, but possible." 

It is not wise to apply both schools at the same time as the classical bagua takes into consideration the compass directions while the Western BTB bagua does not. This can create a lot of confusion unless you really, really know what you are doing (and have been practicing feng shui for a while).

Here's one example.  Let's say that according to the classical feng shui annual updates there is a very auspicious star in the Southwest area (Love & Marriage area). Let's say that this feng shui star is of the Fire element nature, so typically the Wood element is the one to support it, as well as Fire (each feng shui element is supported by its own energy).

Now, Southwest is governed by the Earth element, which weakens/absorbs Fire in the destructive cycle of the feng shui elements. So, in this particular example for us to strengthen the auspicious energy of the visiting annual star (and if there is too strong of an Earth element decor going in this area); we will focus on the element of Wood even more so than on Fire.

Why? Because Wood can weaken the Earth, but always strengthens the Fire.

If you are still with me - I hope you are! - let's go to the next step. (I know the info on the 5 feng shui elements can be quite complicated at the beginning so your patience and perseverance are admirable!)

The next step is trying to figure out how to apply the annual updates if you work with the BTB bagua. In our example, we are working with the Southwest area, or the Love & Marriage area. Here is where it gets complicated - what if your Love & Marriage area is in the North where the Water element rules? Or in the West where Metal element is the dominant one?

This is where quite a bit of confusion and chaos can emerge, and this is why I always recommend not to mix the two schools and save yourself the trouble of a confused mind.

However, I have good news for the brave souls that want to persevere!

Because the annual updates are based on the Lo-Shu square (which was not initially directional) you can -  if you have enough perseverance, patience and wisdom - apply the annual updates with the Western/BTB bagua.

I will have to guide you step by step so if you are ready here we go: