Feng Shui Use of Bamboo Flutes

feng shui bamboo flutes

Danita Delimont / Getty Images

Bamboo flutes are a popular feng shui cure, especially with the BTB school of feng shui. As with any feng shui application, cure or symbol, it is good to understand the essence of the cure. Meaning what, exactly, does a specific object bring to a place. How does it change the energy?

So, what does a bamboo flute do for the feng shui of your home that no other cure can? And, even more importantly, are there cures similar to bamboo flutes if you do not particularly like the look of a feng shui bamboo flute in your home?

Let's start by looking at the basics of this feng shui cure—the material and the form. The bamboo wood is highly versatile, prized for its many unique qualities, both practical as well as metaphysical.

From a feng shui perspective, the energy of bamboo teaches the ultimate wisdom—how to be flexible and hollow (open) on the inside, so that the higher energy can freely flow and heal your being. The image of bamboo is widely used in many Asian spiritual traditions for its qualities of supple strength, serenity and peaceful resilience. The lucky bamboo plant is also one of the most popular feng shui cures.

The flute is one of the oldest musical instruments known to humans. It is closely related to human's breath—the flute produces its sound from the flow of air/breath/Chi through its many openings. So, in its essence, the flute represents the circulation of Chi or vital energy.

As such, the bamboo flutes came to be used as a powerful feng shui cure for a variety of circumstances, both at the home as well as in a business environment. (Of course, only when you can place a bamboo flute in the office, which is not always appropriate.)

What Are the Bamboo Flutes Used For?

The most common feng shui use of bamboo flutes is in Bagua areas that need to have their energy activated. The bamboo flutes are also sometimes used for protection or to strengthen a specific area of your home. The use of bamboo flutes to ward off the negative effect of the beams is not effective. More often than not, it makes it worse, especially if the flutes are of dark color.

How Do I Know If I Need a Bamboo Flute?

First, be sure you like the feng shui look of a bamboo flute in your home. By the feng shui look I mean the look of a bamboo flute hung on the wall with red strings and tassels. If you like the look, then you can use the flute for almost any Bagua area that needs activation.

Places to Put Bamboo Flutes

First, define the Bagua area that you need to activate. If you are familiar with the Bagua of your home, start with the area that needs the most help, and is accepting of the Wood feng shui element of the flute. For example, the flute can be an excellent feng shui cure for the East, Southeast or South Bagua areas of your home, because these areas love the Wood energy (with some annual feng shui exceptions).

How Do I Hang the Flutes?

The bamboo flutes are usually hung on the wall with the mouth up. This allows for energy to circulate in a fountain-like upwards movement and activate the area. You can also place them horizontally for a more balanced, peaceful flow of energy.

Which Bamboo Flutes Are the Best?

The best feng shui bamboo flutes are the ones made from bamboo (many so-called feng shui cures are made from cheap materials, so be mindful of what you are buying). Even though most flutes come adorned with red tassels and strings of various patterns, do pay attention to the actual quality of the flute and not its Chinese adornments.

If the look of feng shui bamboo flutes does not work with the style of your home decor (but you still need a cure to elevate the energy of a place), a similar effect can be achieved by a tall plant with a water-like flow of leaves such as the areca palm, for example. A bonus that comes with the use of this plant is that it also clears the air.

You can also work with art that has inspiring, elevating energy, or any decor item that has upward moving energy (and is ideally either hollow inside or made from the very light material).