Meaning and Uses of Crystal Singing Bowls in Feng Shui

Singing Bowl and Gemstones
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Crystal singing bowls are a powerful tool in sound healing and can be used to enhance the feng shui in your home. You may already be familiar with traditional metal singing bowls that are similar in use and purpose, except they are made of metal rather than with crystal. Learn all about these precious instruments and how you can use them in feng shui.

What Are Crystal Singing Bowls?

Crystal singing bowls are instruments used for sound healing. They are typically made of 99.9 percent crushed crystal quartz that is heated under high temperatures and formed into different bowl shapes.

Types of Crystal Singing Bowls

You can find crystal singing bowls in numerous sizes, colors, musical notes, and with various other attributes. Crystal bowls may be enhanced and infused with other materials such as crystals, precious metals, and/or gemstones. The addition of color can also further attune the bowl’s energy to a chakra, a feng shui bagua area, or even one of the five elements.

Crystal singing bowls can be played using a mallet made of rubber or wood with suede. The sound is generated from the friction or lightly tapping of the mallet against the edge or sides of the bowl.

There are two general shapes of crystal singing bowls: the traditional bowl that sits on a rubber ring and the practitioner bowl that has a handle. The main difference is that the practitioner bowl has a handle that allows you to move around as well as point towards a direction (for instance a corner), whereas the traditional bowl will radiate out from a stationary location.

Restorative Uses

Crystal singing bowls can be used together with other restorative modalities (like reiki or feng shui) or on its own as a tool to shift energy.

We consulted with energy healer Jeremy-Sean Agcaoili, who uses crystal singing bowls in his practice, to learn more about their properties. Agcaoili says that practices that use sound vibration can reset our energy because we are made of water. Like a stone that’s dropped in a puddle, the sound vibrations can radiate through our bodies and our homes. When you play a crystal singing bowl, Agcaoili suggests that you can tune into your intuition and allow yourself to be “divinely guided” to create the sound vibrations.

Uses for Feng Shui

Space Clearing and Blessing

In feng shui, we can use crystal singing bowls to cleanse and bless our homes. Everything around us has energy and vibration. This includes the people, the spaces, the structure of the home, and all the objects within them. Sound healing is an effective technique to regularly purify the energy of your spaces and things.

Try playing a crystal singing bowl in the center of your home and visualize the sound radiating out and blessing the entire home.

Clear Second Hand Objects

When we bring things into our home that belonged to others, it holds the energy of the previous owner. It’s a good practice to clear things that may have energies you have not intentionally invited into your life. You can use a crystal singing bowl and place the object close by so that the sound can purify the second hand object.

Placement to Activate a Bagua Area

Crystal singing bowls come in so many colors, you can find one that corresponds to the bagua area you want to activate. Then, you can place as well as play the bowl in the bagua area.

  • Family area: Green or Blue
  • Wealth area: Purple
  • Fame area: Red
  • Relationship area: Pink
  • Children area: White
  • Helpful people area: Gray
  • Career area: Black
  • Knowledge area: Indigo
  • Health area (center): Yellow

Tips When Purchasing 

One thing to note is that crystal singing bowls are both fragile and expensive. They are an investment in practical as well as energetic ways. As restorative instruments, you do want to purchase mindfully.

Agcaoili offered some tips if you're interested in purchasing a crystal singing bowl. Begin with setting an intention that “the right bowl will come to you.” Then, do your research! If you purchase online, ideally listen to a recording of the sound and be curious about the source. If possible, purchase your bowl in person so you can feel which bowl you resonate with.

When you receive your new bowl, Agcaoili recommends you greet it and “welcome it home.” Because they are made of mostly crystal quartz, the bowls can easily pick up energies, so be sure to ceremonially cleanse the bowl using what technique works best for you. For example, you can smudge the bowl. Be sure to take good care of your crystal singing bowl, use it, and connect with it for best results.