How to Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui

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Mirrors are a very common feng shui adjustment, and are used for many purposes. On a design level, mirrors can make your home feel brighter and more spacious. Both of these qualities improve the overall energy of your home — which is exactly how you can use mirrors for feng shui.

The use of mirrors or other small objects to adjust the flow of qi, or energy, in a space is known as the “method of minor additions,” or Xie Zi Fa in Chinese. When using the method of minor additions, it’s important to bring in your intentions as well. If you choose to add a mirror to your bedroom or living room as a feng shui adjustment, take a moment to connect back to your intention and think of why you are placing a mirror in a particular area.

Here are five tips using mirrors for feng shui.

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    Reflect Good Things

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    Because mirrors are reflective, they can be strategically placed to invite certain energies into a space. You can use mirrors to reflect and double anything you want to amplify. For example, if you place a mirror in your office in such a way that it reflects trees outside, you are inviting wood energy into your work. This represents growth and expansion in your career.  

    A popular feng shui adjustment is to reflect your stove burners with a mirror. Your stove represents wealth, so visually and energetically doubling your burners can also double your opportunities for wealth. If you do choose to place a mirror here, make sure it isn’t close enough that it will crack from the heat.

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    Fix the Commanding Position

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    The commanding position is one of the most important principles in feng shui. When you can't bring your stove, bed, or desk into the command position, mirrors can help. 

    For instance, if you can’t see the door when you’re in bed or at your desk or stove, it’s helpful to place a mirror to correct this. A moveable standing mirror is easy to adjust to put you in commanding position. Set up the mirror so that you can see the doorway or entry to the room.

    Being in commanding position at your bed, desk, and stove can lower stress levels and increase opportunities, because you are more aware of any people or things that may be coming your way.

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    Bring in Elements With Shape

    wood framed rectangular mirror over a desk and chair

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    In general, mirrors are connected to the water element. However, by choosing certain shapes or frames for your mirror, you can bring in additional elements as well.

    • Round mirrors represent the metal element, which brings clarity, precision, and joy.
    • Square or rectangular mirrors bring in earth, which can help with stability, grounding, and self-care.
    • A tall rectangular mirror (think of a tree trunk) brings in the wood element, which can help with flexibility and loving kindness.
    • Triangular mirrors, while a bit more unusual, can add a lot of style to your space as well as fire energy. Bringing in more fire is a good choice if you’re looking for passion, inspiration, or visibility.
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    Evoke Elements Through Color

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    Another way to incorporate the elements into your mirror choice is through the color of the frame. The color of your mirror’s frame also has an impact on the kind of energy it will bring to your home.

    • Metal: Whites and grays are associated with the metal element, so frames in these colors will activate metal energy in your home. Frames made of metal will also add this element.
    • Earth: Earth-toned frames in brown, orange, or yellow will add earth element. This includes natural finish wood frames in brown or neutral tones.
    • Wood: To bring in wood energy, choose a blue, green, or teal-colored frame.
    • Water: For water, choose black or deep navy blue colors for your frames.
    • Fire: If you’re looking for more fire energy, go for a red or bright orange frame.
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    Avoid Non-Flat Mirrors

    Hallway interior with big white mirror, straw hat, white shirt and basket with clothes near wall. Modern cozy hall interior.

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    From a feng shui perspective, it’s best to choose either a mirror with a flat surface, or a convex or concave mirror. Avoid mirrors that are broken, chipped, cloudy, or ones that reflect distorted images. This includes groups of small mirrors; one continuous piece of glass is best. 

    Don’t worry, though—this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your beloved vintage mirror or your stylish mosaic mirror wall. Not everything in your home has to be a feng shui adjustment. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your home should be a place that feels good to you, so you can always have things in your home just because you love them, regardless of whether or not they’re traditionally considered “good” feng shui.

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