All About the Feng Shui Bagua (Pa Kua) Mirror

How to Use One For Your Home Properly

bagua mirror

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The feng shui bagua (or “pa kua”) mirror is one of the most well known classical feng shui adjustment objects. It also happens to probably be one of the most mis-used as well! Here’s our guide on the bagua mirror and how you can use it properly.

the bagua with trigrams 

The Former Heaven Bagua and Later Heaven Bagua 

You may recognize the symbols that radiate around the bagua mirror. These symbols are composed of trigrams, a stack of three lines. The solid lines represent yang energy, while the broken lines are yin. The bagua mirror uses the trigrams in what’s known as the “former heaven” sequence, or the “yin bagua”. The “later heaven” or “yang bagua” is what feng shui practitioners use to work with a floor plan. The way to identify the difference between the two is with the placement of the trigrams. 

The bagua mirror (or “former heaven”) has three solid lines on the top which represents heaven. The bagua (or “later heaven”) that is used to apply feng shui to a home has a trigram that is a two solid lines with a broken line in the middle, which is a symbol of fire energy. Similarly, the other trigrams symbols represent the other five elements, as well countless other meanings. You should always hang the bagua mirror with the heaven trigram on the top (with the three unbroken lines).

These trigrams are also found in the I-Ching, the Book of Changes. Feng shui is an ancient art that comes from China and has foundations in Taoism. Taoism is a philosophy that teaches us to live in harmony with the Tao, translated as “the way”, or the way of nature. And, the I-Ching is connected to feng shui as well as being one of the primary ancient texts for Taoism. 

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General Uses For Bagua Mirrors

The bagua mirror is a protective amulet used in the classical feng shui schools to deflect and ward off any “poison arrows” or “sha qi”. This means if you have a large structure like a corner of a building or a sharp roof line directed towards your home, especially if it’s pointing at your front door. If this is the case, you can hang the bagua mirror above your front door, facing towards the structure.

In general, bagua mirrors are exclusively used for exterior feng shui adjustments. Bagua mirrors should not be placed in an interior environment, such as the outside of your apartment door inside of the building. In addition, the mirror should always face out and away from the home.

Please note:

Please note that we suggest you make sure that this adjustment is not used out of fear, because it may do more harm for yourself and your neighbors. Bagua mirrors are not recommended for use unless you work with a qualified feng shui practitioner. When you work with an expert, they may be able to offer a more friendly, harmonious, and positive way to work with the difficult feng shui.

About Bagua Mirrors

The bagua mirror is typically five or more inches in diameter and made of wood, plastic, or metal framing a round mirror in the center. The colors of the frame vary but the traditional ones usually include red for vitality and may also include a combination of green, yellow (gold), and black. The shape of the frame is usually an eight-sided octagon. As mentioned earlier, make sure you have it oriented with the trigram with three solid lines at the top. Usually the bagua mirror will have a hook there indicating which way is up. You can find them for sale in most Chinatowns around the globe. 

Flat, Concave, or Convex Mirrors

You will find these three types of mirrors at the center of the bagua mirror: Flat, concave, and convex.


Flat mirrors are the most common. The flat mirror will reflect back equally what energy is received in the mirror.


Concave mirrors are shaped like a bowl, so they can receive energy. This shape will receive the energy and is said to take in the harm. 


Finally, convex mirrors are shaped like a dome, or the rear view mirror for your car. This shape is thought to push the energy back out. Convex mirrors are not recommended because they can produce harmful results which do more damage than good.

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