All About the Feng Shui Bagua (Pa Kua) Mirror

How to Use One in Your Home or Office Properly

feng shui bagua mirror

h3ct02 / Getty Images

The feng shui Bagua (pa kua or pakua) mirror is a round mirror surrounded by an octagonal wooden frame with the feng shui Bagua design in either red, green, and yellow/gold colors (pictured here) or yellow, black, and red colors. The Bagua mirror design is further divided into the so-called Early Heaven and Later Heaven Baguas, both originating from the I Ching wisdom.

Early Heaven and Later Heaven Baguas

The Early Heaven Bagua mirror has three uninterrupted (yang energy) lines on top. This is the Chi'en trigram from I Ching symbolizing heaven. The early heaven Bagua mirror is the one that you can see above doors for feng shui protection purposes.

The Later Heaven Bagua mirror has the Li trigram on top, which is one interrupted (yin energy) line in between two yang (uninterrupted) lines; this trigram symbolizes Fire. The later heaven Bagua sequence is used for defining the feng shui energy map of any space. Bagua mirrors can be found on both concave and convex mirrors for different ways of manipulating the outside energies of a negative quality.


Bagua mirrors come in several sizes; the average size is four to six inches. You can also find Bagua mirrors in a metal Bagua-shaped frame; these Bagua mirrors are usually placed in the metal feng shui element areas on the outside of a home or business.

The Basics of Using a Bagua Mirror

The Bagua mirror is a powerful feng shui cure that is often misused. People sometimes decorate their altars with a Bagua mirror, placing it in their kitchen, bathroom, and even their bedroom. This practice seems to show a strange sort of reverence toward the mirror, along with a superstitious and fearful belief in its strange powers.

So, it is best to understand how to properly use this traditional feng shui cure and not overuse it (especially when motivated by fear). If your motivation for using any feng shui cure comes from fear, chances are you are only multiplying the fearful energy rather than dispelling it.

The first feng shui rule of using the Bagua mirror is that it should never, ever be used indoors. The second feng shui rule of using the Bagua mirror is that you use it only if there is bad feng shui energy—Sha Chi or Si Chi—facing your home or business. The feng shui Bagua mirror is not a decor feng shui item and should not be used as such.

If you do find yourself in a position that requires subtle protection of your home or office from potentially dangerous Sha Chi feng shui energies (such as sharp or attacking structures pointing at your home) or bad energy coming from your neighbors, you may choose to use the Bagua mirror.

It is best to place the feng shui Bagua mirror when advised by a professional feng shui consultant. Traditionally, the feng shui Bagua mirror is placed above the front door or above a big window that is facing questionable outside energies.

Even though it is a potent feng shui cure, the Bagua mirror does not have almighty powers and is definitely not activated by one's fears or pleas. It is just a tool to use in order to redirect energy so use this mirror wisely.