The HorsecFeng Shui Symbol in the Home

Horse And Firecracker Background On Chinese New Year
Adrian Ramirez / EyeEm / Getty Images

Do you love the energy of the horse and wonder how you can decorate your home with images of horses for the best feng shui? You might have a colorful and stunning art print with running horses, or maybe a closeup photo showing the beautiful wisdom in the eyes of this freedom-loving animal.

Horses are really unique beings and humans have been drawn to them for a very, very long time.

In classical feng shui applications, the image of the horse brings the energy of success, fame, freedom and speed.

Of course, these are the feelings that most of us associate with the energy of the horse! All feng shui symbols use the inherent energy that the mind associates with a specific symbol in order to evoke its energy.

Feng shui goes a bit deeper, though, because it shows you the areas of your home and office where the powerful and free energy of the horse can benefit you the most. To discover these most powerful feng shui spots to display the image of the horse, you need to know the bagua, of the feng shui energy map of your space.

Of course, you can place the image of the horse anywhere it feels good and appropriate in your home, but if you know you can give it more power, why not use the feng shui guidelines? 

To benefit the most from the feng shui power of the horse symbol, here are the 3 best spots in your space to display it. You can use a photo, a painting, a sculpture or any other decor item with the image of the horse in it.

  1. South area of your home or office is one of the best spots to display the horse symbol. If you are using the Western bagua, then this is your Fame and Reputation area.
  2. North area of your home or office is the second best spot to display the image of the horse (or several horses). With the Western bagua, this is your Career area.
  1. If your Chinese zodiac sign is the horse, then you can also display it in your lucky feng shui direction for success.

As horses symbolize the feng shui element of Fire, be mindful about not placing images or feng shui cures with horses, such as for example, an image with many running horses, in a Wood or Metal feng shui element areas.

These areas are the East and Southeast areas for the Wood element and the West and Northwest areas for the Metal element. If this sounds confusing or too complex, you can always check our feng shui bagua guide for more info.

If you love horses and would like to use this cure in your love & marriage feng shui area (the Southwest area of your space), be sure your feng shui decor item depicts two horses, not one or three.

If you have a sculpture of a horse and need to know which direction it should face, do consult our feng shui cures placement guide. Alternatively, you can have your horse sculpture face any energetic opening in your space, such as a door or a window.

So there you have a clear and concise guide to the best feng shui placement of the image of a horse -- or many horses -- in your space!