Feng Shui Wood Element Decorating Tips

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Wood is one of the elements that make up the five element system used in feng shui. The other elements are water, fire, earth, and metal. This same system is also used in many other traditions, such as traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. 

Feng shui practitioners work with the five elements to evaluate what is going on energetically with a client and their space. Need more wood feng shui energy in your home? Here are some easy home decor tips that will bring the vibrant energy of this element to your space.

What Is the Wood Element?

Wood element is vitality, growth, and kindness. Wood energy is also related to flexibility and human-heartedness. 

The five element system is one of the many feng shui tools used to adjust the energy of a space if anything is off balance. For instance, if you want more of these vibrant wood qualities in your life, you may want to add more wood element to your space.

You can add more wood energy to a space through the following design elements: 

  • Color: Green, blue, and teal
  • Shape: Columnar
  • Materials: Living green plants

Here are our favorite examples of how you can bring the element of wood into your home’s feng shui.

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    green and teal toned room with lush green plants

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    Changing up the color of your walls is an easy and effective way to shift the energy of your home. Wood element colors, like green, blue, and teal, are all great choices for paint colors. In addition to adding the wood element to your space, greens and blues are calming colors that can make you feel at ease. They both evoke the colors of nature and the serenity that we experience in natural spaces; just think of how peaceful you feel when looking at a clear blue sky or the green canopy of a forest. 

    If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try a wallpaper with long vertical shapes or botanical imagery in green or blue. If wallpapering a whole room feels like too much, you can always start with an accent wall or the inside of a closet or cabinet.

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    House Plants

    a variety of houseplants on a shelf near the window

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    You may have noticed that house plants are having a moment. This is great news from a feng shui perspective. Not only are plants a skillful way to introduce the wood element, they also add fresh, life-affirming qi to a space. Taking care of another living thing can also help you to cultivate kindness and compassion, which are both qualities associated with the wood element.

    There are so many plants to choose from that it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming! Generally, if you’re using a plant as a feng shui adjustment, you want to find one with soft, rounded leaves, rather than something prickly or sharp like a cactus. Make sure you choose a plant whose care requirements line up with the environment in your home, and then make sure you are giving it regular attention and care.

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    Home Decor Accessories

    green armchair and green plant next to a window with white drapes

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    Accessories can be a great way to experiment with the five elements in your home. There’s a lot of flexibility here (a wood element quality!)—so go with your intuition and preferences when deciding what to add. Here are a few ideas:

    Wood is related to tall, columnar shapes (think of the trunk of a tree). Long window curtains, especially in blue or green, can be an attractive and impactful way to add the wood element to your space. 

    Furniture in wood element colors can also be a stunning design element—what about an emerald green couch or a blue armchair? If you want to start a little smaller, linens and pillows are also an easy and accessible way to play with the wood element. Look for table runners or throw pillows in green, blue, or teal. You can also hang artwork you love that incorporates these colors, or artwork that includes pictures of green plants.

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    Architectural and Outdoor Elements

    Living room with large windows facing greenery

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    Since the wood element is connected to tall, vertical shapes, columns in your home can represent the wood element. Trees on your property, as well as other outdoor plants, are also connected to the wood element.

    In order to boost the wood energy in your home, make sure your landscaping is well cared for. Make sure to water, fertilize, and prune them if necessary.

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