Feng Shui Water Wealth Star 8 Location Chart

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There are numerous layers in feng shui, all interrelated, many quite subtle and not always easily understood. For a feng shui beginner, this can be very confusing, so it is always best to start with the feng shui basics and not dive right away into complex notions such as annual feng shui stars, for example, or the feng shui natal chart of a house.

Having said that, we know there are many readers who have been studying the feng shui resources for a long time now and are ready for the exploration of deeper feng shui layers. The info that follows is the necessary step in the intent to activate your wealth spot or wealth star of your home, also called water star # 8. This is not to be confused with the annual stars in feng shui that change every year.

Inner Feng Shui 

The water star is more connected to the inner, versus outer feng shui of a home, meaning the energies that are "built-in" so to speak, in the home, based on its date of birth. Feng shui-wise, this "date of birth" is used to define the so-called house period—there are 9 periods in feng shui, each lasting 20 years. There is a bit of contradiction between some feng shui consultants as to how to correctly define the house period of a home—some insist that the house period is based only on the construction/building date, while others are more flexible and define the house period based on one of these 3 criteria.

Base Energy

We certainly believe that it is possible to significantly change the base energy of a home, thus changing its feng shui period, so my advice will be to define your house period based on one of the 3 criteria:

  1. Construction date
  2. Move-in or ownership date
  3. Major or specific renovation date

The chart below helps you find the location of Water star 8, also called the Wealth star (not to be confused with the annual wealth star location, as here we are focusing on the natal chart of the house versus the influence of outer energies.)
To use this chart, you need to know the feng shui period of your house, as well as have the compass reading of your front door.

Location Chart

The Facing Direction
of Your House
The Compass Reading
of Your House
Period 7 House
Wealth/Water Star Location
Period 8 House
Wealth/Water Star Location
S1 157.5-172.5 NE N
S2 172.5-187.5 SW S
S3 187.5-202.5 SW S
SW1 202.5-217.5 N SW
SW2 217.5-232.5 S NE
SW3 232.5-247.5 S NE
W1 247.5-262.5 SE E
W2 262.5-277.5 NW W
W3 277.5-292.5 NW W
NW1 292.5-307.5 CENTER SE
NW2 307.5-322.5 CENTER NW
NW3 322.5-337.5 CENTER NW
N1 337.5-352.5 N N
N2 352.5-7.5 S S
N3 7.5-22.5 S S
NE1 22.5-37.5 E NE
NE2 37.5-52.5 W SW
NE3 52.5-67.5 W SW
E1 67.5-82.5 NE E
E2 82.5-97.5 SW W
E3 97.5-112.5 SW W
SE1 112.5-127.5 E NW
SE2 127.5-142.5 W SE
SE3 142.5-157.5 W SE