Feng Shui Decor Tips for a West Bagua Area Bedroom

Beige and water colors bedroom

Astronaut Images / Getty Images

Decorating your bedroom for good feng shui can seem easy at the beginning. There are basic guidelines you can follow in order to create good energy in your bedroom. Even though simple, these basic guidelines are guaranteed to improve the energy in your bedroom space.

However, once you start looking into deeper feng shui layers, as well as want a harmonious quality of energy in your whole home, not just the bedroom, things can get a bit frustrating. For example, how can you have good feng shui decor in a bedroom located in a bagua area that does not like the earth element? Knowing that the best colors for the bedroom are the earth element colors, can you still use the fire element colors in a bagua area that does not like fire? How about using the water element (that is not recommended for the bedroom) in a bagua area that loves the water element?

To help you avoid frustration and confusion, we have a step by step guide on creating good feng shui in any bagua area bedroom, from the north bagua area to the south one.

West B​agua Area

According to the bagua, or the feng shui energy map, this bagua area needs a strong metal element decor, as metal is the governing feng shui element of the west area. What you want to do for good feng shui is always support the governing element of each bagua area; this makes for really harmonious and balanced energy in your space. It gets a bit more complicated when the element needed in a specific bagua area is not really welcomed in the room that is located in this bagua area.

Bedrooms need the energy of warmth, nourishment, and sensuality, which is almost the opposite of the energy of the metal element needed in the West bagua area. Can you combine both requirements—having strong metal element energy, as well as a warm and nourishing bedroom? Yes, you can.

Here are three simple tips to help you create good feng shui in a west bagua area bedroom.

  • Skillfully combining the expressions of both the earth and the metal feng shui elements is the best way to decorate a west-facing bedroom. Because earth element is nourishing for the metal—earth creates metal in the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements—you can decorate with as much earth element decor as it feels right for your space. 
  • Put a stronger emphasis on earthy colors (beige, sandy, light yellow) versus metal element colors (white and gray). For example, you can have sandy color walls, rug or upholstered headboard with crisp white linens or lampshades.
  • Be sure to avoid a strong presence of the elements of fire and water in the feng shui decor of your west-facing bedroom. Decorating a west bedroom with these two elements will drain the energy in this area because fire melts metal and water weakens it. In practical terms, avoid a strong presence of fiery colors (red, orange, purple, pink, strong yellow) in your bedroom art, bedding, wall color or rugs. Also, be sure to limit the presence of water element decor (colors blue and black) which are not good feng shui for a bedroom in any area.