Feng Shui Your Bathroom Into a Rejuvenating Spa

Feng shui tips for a feng shui home spa in your very own bathroom

feng shui bathroom spa
Learn to reate your own feng shui home spa with these easy feng shui bathroom tips. Digital Vision/Getty Images

Don't you just love the sound of the word "spa"? Ahhh... Spa. I am not sure about the origins of the word, but just the sound of it already sounds relaxing! If you've been to a spa at least once, you know how relaxing, calming and rejuvenating your visit can be.

Now, what prevents you from creating a spa in your very own bathroom? Knowing the challenging reputation of bathroom energy in feng shui, it is very important to create very good energy there; this is where you can combine some good feng shui tips with your most enjoyable details from any spa you visited.

Being a feng shui consultant, I am very aware of the importance of the bathroom design and location in any floor plan. Bathrooms do tend to leak energy, as well as easily accumulate lower vibrations, so the feng shui effort you put into re-creating a beautiful bathroom will send healing, calming feng shui energy throughout your home.

I love creating a nice feng shui spa feeling in my own bathroom, and I feel happy when I'm in there. It's beautiful and serene. My own little feng shui spa retreat for early mornings and late nights.

The details often change, but the main ones are always the same -  lots of essential oils and body oils, an aromatherapy diffuser, candles, art that has good relaxing memories and associations and some little details here and there that bring a sense of calm and relaxation (a bunch of dried lavender, several white color porcelain pitchers, etc).

I would like to share with you some simple, basic tips to help you create a good feng shui spa feeling in your own bathroom. This is important not only for your own well-being but also for the good feng shui of your whole home.

As you know, water is the element that cleanses, relaxes and purifies,  so combining it with the right feng shui elements and materials will create a soothing space for you. A bit of fire feng shui element (candles) is always a good idea to purify the energy of the bathroom; a bit of wood feng shui element will absorb the excessive water in the bathroom (energy-wise); the metal feng shui element will create a sense of crispness and freshness and the earth element will bring nourishment and sensual relaxation.

Of course, the  proportions of the elements in your bathroom feng shui decorating will depend on the feng shui bagua area your bathroom is located in. This is where it is good to know the bagua of your home for a more personalized and effective feng shui work. However, there are also general feng shui guidelines for a good feng shui spa bathroom that will work in any bagua area, and here they are:

  • Have visuals that give you pleasure/bring good feng shui energy.
  • Have mirrors that will give you the pleasure of looking at yourself, as well as bring the presence of the feng shui water element.
  • Have several sources of lighting, including candles.
  • A tray will come handy if you like to have a drink while in the bath.
  • The right scents are an important choice, and you can choose from calming or invigorating, romantic or cleansing scents/oils. Be aware, though, that proper ventilation is a must for a healthy bathroom.
  • Keep the space warm.
  • Make it possible to listen to the music while in the bath.
  • Relax in your little spa retreat, refresh and rejuvenate.

Just a little feng shui effort and Voila! - you have created your own private feng shui sanctuary to clear your mind, release stress and get the right perspective on life.